How High Can You Climb on Your Kindle Fire with NinJump!

Apps for the Kindle Fire so far have been hit or miss, but NinJump by Backflip Studios is right on the mark playing very well on Amazon’s new tablet. This free Android app only provides a 1 themed-world where you run your little “ninja” guy up walls jumping past and through enemies along the way. There are power ups that help you climb higher and faster like: bird, squirrel, and throwing stars which dramatically increase your ninja’s speed for climbing.

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NinJump is also available on the iPhone as a free app and there is also a NinJump Deluxe on the iOS platform as well, and the Amazon Android App Store.

From my experience, NinJump is a very nice endless vertical runner game that performs very well on the Kindle Fire and is definitely worth a download.

NinJump Features

Rise to the top and become a ninja master in NinJump, the latest free game from Backflip Studios, who also bring you PaperToss. In this fast-paced ninja climbing game, your goal is to rise as high as you can while avoiding killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, spiked stars, and exploding bombs.

– Simple single-tap gameplay
– Killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, spiked stars, and exploding bombs
– Online score sharing


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