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How To Cook Everything Is One Of The Best Recipe Apps In iTunes!

Since Thanksgiving Day is just a few weeks away, we decided to revisit one of our favorite, feature-rich best recipe apps to help as many of you as possible conquer this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner. This awesome app came out in April of 2010 and since then has been updated 29 times. Some of the updates were based on iOS changes, but most of the other updates have added additional functionality making this iOS cooking app even better.

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There are not enough good cooking apps for the iPhone, but the How To Cook Everything app by Culinate, Inc. is one of the best recipe apps for the iPhone. This cooking app is intuitive, easy to use, and provides a great user experience. This iPhone recipe app is based on a successful cookbook by a guy named Mark Bittman. I had never heard of this cookbook or Mark Bittman before until I found this Food and Drink application in the iTunes App Store. Apparently, the cookbook was a success and so is this iPhone cooking app.

I put this cooking app to the test by looking up “How to cook a turkey?” I found what I was looking for after a few seconds and was impressed with the results that came back, as much now as I was back in May 2010 when I first reviewed this Food & Drink app.

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The “Classic Roast Turkey” dinner recipe quickly pulled up under the Turkey category, which I found in the Poultry section. And the best part is that I added all the ingredients to my grocery list with a simple tap of a finger. Each and every item needed for cooking this particular recipe was added effortlessly inside the app under the “Shopping” icon.

Something I do not remember seeing before in this best recipe app, is a recipe recommendation when searching for other recipes. An example would be an article that appeared for another Turkey recipe after my initial search. At the bottom of my #1 search result was a gray box that was titled article: “28 Side dishes for Turkey Dinner.” Clicking on this pulled up 28 additional, relevant side dish recipes for my turkey dinner. The search recommendations are great for providing additional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

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I was a fan of this cooking app back in 2010 and I’m an even bigger fan now because of the excellent recipe content and continued updates making this app awesome. In addition to recipes, this cooking recipe app also gives you a variety of ways to find recipes. You can search the recipe cookbook (browse recipes), check out the most popular dishes, search featured dishes, quick dinners, or Bittman’s picks.

The How to Cook Everything app includes basic information (kitchen basics) on how to purchase kitchen knives, pots, pans, and even tells you which pans are the most useful for cooking what, among other things. There are also a variety of other handy features that you’ll find helpful inside this mobile app, easily making it any homecook’s “go-to cooking app.”

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