How To Setup My iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

You may have received a brand new iPhone 5, iPad or iPod Touch for Christmas this year and now you’re trying to figure out the “how to setup my iPhone” process. This process really isn’t too hard, but in the recent iOS (Apple operating system iOS 6) updates there are now more emails than ever needed or not needed to setup your iPhone, causing many to ask “how to set up my iPhone?” I will break it down for you in numbered steps and link you to Apple’s iPhone user guide.

I will also provide user guides for the iPad and iPod Touch because the same questions: “how to setup my iPad?” and “how to setup my iPod Touch?” are flourishing for those who are new to these devices and may not be overly tech savvy. Also, until you complete the initial “how to setup my iphone” steps you will not be able to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To limit the confusion you need only 1 email address to setup up the 3 main areas of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and those are: iTunes Store, iCloud and Facetime (those who have cellular connectivity can use their assigned phone number).


So let’s get started!

How to Setup My iPhone…iPad or iPod Touch

1) Open the box for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
2) Turn on your device, top right for all devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Toch), and continuously hold on the button until you see the familiar white Apple icon appear on the screen, then let go.
3) You will either need a computer connection via USB (computer connector that came with your iDevice) or a WiFi connection, get connected, iPhone and iPads that have cellular connectivity do not need, but can use WiFi, and many apps require WiFi for downloading.
4) If you’re on a computer, you will need to either have iTunes loaded to your computer or install it, if you do not have, here is the link for the free iTunes download
5) Once connected you will need to use your existing iTunes account user name and password, or if you do not have an iTunes account you will need to create one with an email and password. At this point Apple provides you the option to create a free iCloud email, but you can use any email address to setup your new iTunes account.
6) I suggest making an iCloud email because it is free and you can specifically associate with your new iDevice.

***what is iCloud? iCloud is a free cloud service that Apple provides which allows you to store your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch media (music, apps, photos, etc.) in the cloud (up to 5GB). If you’re an Apple computer user, you can also sync apps like Notes, Reminders and Calendars from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac. iCloud also saves your documents and data to the cloud and you can use the “Find My iPhone” feature which helps to locate your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if lost or stolen.

7) Once you setup your iTunes account and log into iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will be able to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you’re directly connected to a computer with iTunes, you will still need an iTunes account.
8) To limit the confusion you may want to use the same email you used for your iTunes account for iCloud, you will have to have an email to use iCloud, again, it can be any email address, as your new iTunes account can, but most people I know get very confused by this. My suggestion is to use 1 – your new iCloud email for both your iTunes account and iCloud to limit your confusion.
9) Facetime requires either an email or phone number to use, again this is where you may want to insert a different email depending how you’re using Facetime (i.e. work), but if just for personal use, and if you have cellular connectivity, you will most likely use your phone number. But, you can use an email and switch back and forth.


It’s actually super simple, yet can be a bit confusing. Apple really does not provide step-by-step instructions, but refers you to the massive manual for whichever device you’re setting up (all are included below – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).

To Summarize:

1) Turn on.
2) Get Connected.
3) Use existing iTunes account (email and password), another email and create a password to log into iTunes, or create a free iCloud email to use as your iTunes account (username and password).
4) Log into iTunes.
5) You’re ready to explore the iTunes Store.
6) iCloud – you will have to configure the settings for this service inside the settings tab.
7) Facetime – you will have to configure the settings for this service inside the settings tab.

Good luck, and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will reply.


How to Setup My iPhone…iPad or iPod Touch Resources

Apple iPhone for iOS 6 User Guide

Apple iPad iOS 6 User Guide

Apple iPod Touch iOS User Guide

*there are other user guides for older iOS devices**

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