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The Quickest and Easiest How To Tie A Tie App Ever!

If you have never learned or fully mastered the technique on how to properly tie a necktie, then Tie Right, the how to tie a tie app, is just what you’ve been looking for. This top-rated Business app makes it extremely easy for you to learn how to tie 6 of the most popular and best looking tie knots using 2 simple learning formats that have step-by-step instructions. But there’s more to the Tie Right app. You also get helpful tie information and daily style tips, as well as everyday advice as a bonus.

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If you’ve been hunting around to find a good “how to tie a tie app,” you’ve probably seen a lot of really cheesy and lame apps. However, the Tie Right app by Esoteric Development does a great job of presenting practical information in a simple-and-easy-to-follow format, with sophisticated cartoon graphics to walk you through the “Head On” method, or step by step instructions with a real person in a “Top Down” view.

The navigation is slick and shows you the 6 most useful necktie knots displayed as image icons. Just tap on your knot of choice: The Small Knot, The Windsor Knot, The Half Windsor Knot, The Four in Hand Knot, The Pratt Knot, and The BowTie (wouldn’t be complete without this one). By default, Tie Right takes you to the “Top Down” view, which is great because this gives you a first person view, as if you were the actual guy in the photos getting ready to tie the dangling necktie hanging around your neck. What’s nice is that the image is in black and white (so as not to distract from the learning), making the red directional arrows really pop out. And every step can be viewed in this how to tie a tie app as an individual still photo. You can either tap the right or left buttons to work on the steps at a really slow pace or tap the automatic play button and the whole process plays quickly through from start to finish and then replays again.

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But if you prefer, there is a “Head On” view (mirror view) that gives you a cartoon demonstration with all the same functionality as the Top Down showing you every loop and pull, but you’re now facing and watching the imaginary person tying the tie and not the person looking down tying your necktie firsthand. Either way you look at it, you should be able to tie any of these 6 necktie knots in no time at all. There’s even a video icon that accesses your iPhone’s front and rear-facing camera. This acts as a mirror for a quick check on your tying progress if you need to see it.

Another nice feature in this how to tie a tie app is that each necktie comes with quick background information on the tie’s origin, shape, what fabric weight the knot is best for, as well as some other somewhat useful or interesting information. Apparently, the Four In Hand is the most common tie knot, but the Pratt knot is also a very versatile knot that can be worn in most situations and by most people.

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In addition to the great necktie tutorials and tie knot information in this iPhone application, you get 1 “Tip of the Day< " every day at random. My tip today was some trivial information on the cummerbund (cumberbund). From some of the displayed tips in the developer's description, I saw helpful ones like to never hang your ties, but to fold them in half and roll them up to store. There is apparently a bit up "tongue-in-cheek" humor for tips on tipping in the present day as well. You'll have to download this tie app to find out what other words of wisdom await you. And if you find a daily tip that’s compelling enough to share, you can Tweet it or share with others on Facebook.

Overall, Tie Right is a great how to tie a tie app with handy and practical tutorials that’ll give you the confidence you need to tie that perfect tie for your next business meeting, date, wedding or formal event.

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