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How to Type – Learn on Your Mac with Typist

If you don’t know how to type without looking at the keyboard while typing — then you need to learn how to type for real! Typing is not a difficult task to learn and can be a huge time saver for anyone who currently hunts and pecks for the correct keys while typing. Typist for Mac is a Free Education app that is extremely basic, very easy to use and doesn’t make you feel like a criminal when you make mistakes. There are 9 different typing courses, with 4 or more exercises in each course. Courses include: Quick Course, Speed Drills, Calculator Course, Long Course and others.

Learn How To Type with the Typist Mac App CrazyMikesappsLearn How To Type with the Typist Mac App CrazyMikesapps

Once you start a course your selected content pops up into a small window on your Mac and you just simply follow the directions, type, and learn. There are a few settings in preferences for size of characters and pop typing window background, but other than that, the user interface is rather basic. If you get confused on the lessons, just tap on the “Abandon Practice” (down arrow to access the red “Main Menu” button). This app does a nice job of tracking your speed and errors during typing. As I mentioned, you can either fix errors or continue on — either way the error is counted. I type for a living, as well as run my mouth while commenting on our App Videos, and type around 50 words per minute. Fortunately, I took typing in High School and truthfully it was one of the easiest High School classes I ever had.

Typing is a necessary skill and hard to avoid since it’s required for almost every job these days — so download this Free Mac app that will have you typing like a pro — and say goodbye to the “hunt and peck” typing style that’s slowing you down.

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