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Hyper Jump – Whacky Android Game…May Be Habit Forming!

Hyper Jump (by Camel Games) is a whacky jumper game featuring a variety of silly characters, power-ups and obstacles, as well as themes throughout this crazy time waster game. Easy-to-play games with personality are some of my favorites, for those occasions when I have a few minutes to spare and want a little bit of entertaining fun. Hyper Jump just happens to be one of those games. This game features a bug-eyed looking creature (along with some of his friends) that you launch skywards —  and don’t look back, or at least down. The object is to climb, climb,  and climb as high as you can racking up as many points as you can. There are obstacles to prevent you from doing so, as well as power-ups to help you go higher at a faster pace.

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Collecting coins is key, and you’ll want to take advantage of the alternate themes —  as they are very cool graphically. There is a FREE version of this app (Hyper Jump Lite) for the Android that has limited gameplay compared to the full version, which has multiple playable characters (Imp, Cyclops, Dido, and Kamanche), 3 different game environments, and 2 difficulty modes (Normal or Classic). Hyper Jump is a very well-made casual jumper game that has that addictive or habit-forming quality that will make you want to keep on playing — guess it has something to do with those cute little bug-eyed creatures you play as. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

Hyper Jump Android App Details

Title: Hyper Jump
Price: $1.99
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 3.3 MB
Developer: Camel Games
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Hyper Jump Android App Download Link

Hyper Jump – Android Market

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Hyper Jump Android App Developers Description

It’s a fast-pace and super addictive time killer with funny characters and fantastic multi-layered backdrops. Tilt your phone to collect coins, grab power ups, and dodge monsters.


Install and launch “Pack for Hyper Jump” to unleash more scenes and characters

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