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iBomber iPhone Video, True View Bomb Dropper iPhone App

This iPhone Games app is the original in the iBomber game titles for iPhone and iPad. And in this game, you are a WWII bombardier with a mission to bomb whatever targets each levels object presents to you. You do this by flying your plane around in circles, so you might get weary with a touch of seasickness (not really, but maybe), and the enemies will fire back just like in real war creating a significant challenge for you. Since this game was so successful, there are a number of iBomber games: iBomber Defense Pacific, iBomber Defense, and the latest iBomber Attack, an iOS Universal tank game that lets you drive a tank blasting your way through level after level of gameplay.

The iBomber iOS Games series are here to stay. And I always look forward to each new release of these WWII-inspired action games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Watch the iBomber iPhone App Video Review for a look at how this game plays.


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