iCloudy…Simplistic Paper Airplane Strategy iPhone Game

Making paper airplanes was a fond pastime of mine as a kid. iCloudy thankfully brings some of my paper airplane memories back with 60 levels of strategy level game play. Developed by DemSt this iPhone games objective is to get your paper airplane from one point to the X on the other side of the screen, while obtaining all stars and avoiding all obstacles (clouds, lightening, rain, etc). The method to do this is by using the given dots that are attached to broken lines to draw your paper airplanes path. There is soothing music to along with the sky and cloud game theme. Watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this iPhone application.

iphone game reviewsiphone app review

iphone app reviews

iCloudy iPhone App Details

Title: iCloudy
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.2 MB
Developer: DemSt
Store: iTunes App Store

iCloudy iPhone App Download Link

iCloudy - DemSt

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