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iPhone Note App – IDEAZ, A Simple, Quick Note Taking App!

You could be letting a $1,000,000 idea slip through your fingers if you don’t have a way to recall it. The IDEAZ iPhone note app gives you a quick and easy way to capture all your brilliant ideas before you forget them, possibly costing you that millionaire status. Whether your ideas are grand with moneymaking potential or just great ideas for your own personal use, you can easily capture them by creating handy notes with this Productivity app. With each note you create you can include text, photo, audio or free drawing.

iPhone Idea Capturing App

While it’s easy to create notes capturing your “super great” ideas, adding the audio and free drawing are quite confusing. To capture a note using this iPhone note app, all you have to is open the app and pull down on your list of notes to reveal the “+” sign. Tap on the “+” sign to create a note, which currently can only include text and a photo. Initially, you cannot add audio or free drawings to your notes. But once you have a note created, tap on it, then pull down to access the additional options for adding more text, audio notes, free drawings, or additional photos. Unfortunately, this functionality can easily be overlooked because there aren’t any instructions provided in this minimalist iPhone note application to make sure that you don’t.

Since there isn’t any help in the app, here are a few other tips on how to use this Productivity app. Editing a note can be accomplished by swiping to the left on any created note. When editing notes, you basically only change, add text, or change the note’s color. And currently, your only sharing option is through email. I did not see the standard Facebook or Twitter share options. And to access the sharing functionality, simply swipe to the right on any created note.

iPhone Note App

On the positive side, unlike most other note apps, IDEAZ does not have a lot of clutter to bog you down. This app was created with a minimalist design to keep the main focus on capturing your thoughts and ideas. And although The IDEAZ iPhone note app isn’t perfect, it’s a good solution to helping you capture your ideas in a quick and clean manner.

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