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If Only Golf Was This Easy – Flick Golf for Android (Video)

Having golfed a number of times in my life I have determined that golf is not as easy as it appears, unless you are playing Flick Golf, by Full Fat. Fortunately, Flick Golf allows for more than a handicap when playing, it allows players to flick the golf ball in mid-flight to change its course, which if done correctly will get you a hole in 1. You can also flick the ball on the ground to change the golf ball course, but only for a brief moment.

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While this game seem really easy, its harder than it appears. While there is different gameplay, primarily you take 9 shots a game from different difficulty (distance and wind). Obviously, the farther away the tee off is from the hole and the increased wind make for some difficult golf shots. Nonetheless, you have flicking power on your side, so flick fast (but strategically) and just maybe you will get more than one hole-in-one each round. Golf courses are unlocked as you play on through, but you must achieve a certain score to do so.

I found my golf game was much better playing Flick Golf on my Android than it is at the real local golf course, 4!


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Flick Golf Android Video App ReviewAndroid App Video Review for Flick Golf


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