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Speller – Free Spell Checker App, No More Misspelled Words!

Speller – Free Spell Checker by TranCreative Software was released just a couple of days ago and is a free English language spelling app. The beauty of this app is its simplicity. Speller appears to do only one thing, but actually this app does much more.  The main function of this app is as spell checker. Additional functionality this app possesses is it’s direct connection to google. You can access google form the main screen anytime, or as a secondary option when requesting the definition of the correctly spelled word.


Once at google you may log into you’re google account if you have one and check mail, your calendar, etc. This app’s iTunes store rating appears to be incorrect and the rating should be a 4.5 stars not 2.5 stars out 4 reviews. If you need a little help with you’re spelling you cannot go wrong with Speller. CM

Speller – Free Spell Checker iPhone App Download Link

Speller - Free Spell Checker - TranCreative Software

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