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iFitness: Packed with Exercises,Workouts,Customizable!

iFitness is a comprehensive iPhone exercise app that provides everything you need to know about getting the best workout. It includes features like 450+ exercises with HD images/HD video/HD audio instructions, over 15 pre-made workout routines for your convenience, the ability to customize these exercises and workouts to create your own, and more.

This is a very in-depth exercise application that can be used by the beginner and those who may be at a more advanced workout level. Besides being jam-packed with exercise and workout information, there are a variety of ways you will use this application. There is a user friendly navigation to sort by either exercise or workouts, and each of those selections has further filters. For example, exercises can be searched by All, Muscle, Body, or Equipment, as well as a tab available for your own exercises — appropriately called My Exercises. The Workouts are filtered by Type and My Workouts (your created workouts). Some extras in this app are the log (allows you to track your exercise/workouts), Tracker (Body Mass Index tracker), and the ability for you to listen to your iPod while using this application. While all the content is HD (video, audio, images), you will have to download either Images or all Content — which could take up to 30 minutes and requires up to 400 MB.

iphone healthcare and fitness app reviewsiphone healthcare and fitness app reviews

All of the exercises can be edited and there is the ability for you to also add your own exercises into the application. However, adding your own exercise can be a bit tricky at first, but once you figure it out and get the hang of it, it becomes much easier with repetition. Using the included workouts is great and there are a large number to choose from, but you can also create your own custom workout if that is more to your liking. Again, there is a bit of a learning curve when doing this, very similar to adding exercises, just look for the green “+” sign and follow the pre-made choices — and you will be creating workouts in no time.

iFitness has a massive amount of exercises and workouts that are very well presented, but I would love a FAQ or a Help Guide as another way to show me the ropes, especially in the area of adding exercises and workouts. Regardless, iFitness is a fantastic app with a bunch of useful information and applicable exercises, and at the current price it is lower than many competing applications, so whether you hit the gym or stay at home, you may want to check this one out. There is also an iPad version for this app called iFitness HD. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

iFitness iPhone App Details

Title: iFitness
Price: $0.99 (limited time only)
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Size: 13.9 MB
Developer: Eltima Software
Store: iTunes App Store

iPhone App Download Link

iFitness - Eltima

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iFitness iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone


iFitness is a revolutionary exercise app designed to be the only tool you need other than yourself in the gym or at home. The first class iFitness app brings you everything you need to know about working out with tons of other features that make it far superior than any other fitness app.

Eltima Software, a world class developer with over 10 years of software development under its belt, has entered the fitness category to bring you a personal fitness trainer in the palm of your hand.


– 450+ Comprehensive exercises
– 100+ Bodyweight and home based exercises (no gym membership required!)
– 15+ premade workouts for everyone, from beginners to pros
– Capability to fully edit existing workouts
– Capability to create custom workouts
– Capability to create custom exercises
– Detailed text description of every exercise
– HD audio instructions of every exercise
– HD images of every exercise
– HD videos of every exercise
– Exercise Equipment Categorization
– Body Categorization
– Muscle Categorization

User-Friendly Features:
– Multitasking
– Retina support
– iPod controls within app

– BMI calculator
– Capabilities to log exercises and edit or delete log data

Coming Soon:
iCloud support

We will continuously support and update iFitness to make it even better. Please feel free to email us with any comments/suggestions or additions you would like to see in future updates.

iFitness is available for all iOS devices 4.0 and up.

What’s new

Thank you very much for your continued support!!!

* Create Exercise to accompany the Create Workout feature
* UI improvements
* Logging enhancements (reading and viewing)
* Body parameters input polished
* Minor corrections and improvements

iCloud support to be added in the next update.

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