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iGun Zombie – Stationary FPS – Steep Extras!

iGun Zombie (by NewFaceGames) is a game that reminds me of old arcade shooters. iGun Zombie features 150 missions, including nasty bosses to take out, 19 gun types (20 with the most recent update) that can be upgraded and customized, and waves and waves of hungry zombies. Personally, I love first person shooter (FPS) games with as much gore as possible. Yes, I know – sick. iGun Zombie delivers a nice stationary FPS that reminds of the arcade shooter games that I used to play, where you stood in front of the game, armed with a plastic pistol shooting the various bad guys. Why does this game remind me of that? Probably due to the commentator (narrator), graphics, and the requirement to reload regularly. iGun Zombie is played in a stationary position, but you can move your character’s sight of vision to the left and right using your right hand through a touch screen control; this is important because this is how you aim your gun, but the angle of the zombies attack is pretty much around a 45 degree cone area, so you don’t have to move too drastically far to the right nor left, at least I found this to be the case in my experience up to level 12. While you start out with an Ak-47 you must unlock additional weapons by leveling up and and forking over cash. There are a wide variety of zombies, including boss zombies, and the missions are more like waves that last 20 to 40 seconds.

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While this game plays nicely as a stationary shooter, has decent graphics, and a bunch of guns, the thing that I’m most disappointed in is the extremely steep pricing of the in app purchases. Here are some examples: want to “Reload for FREE,” this will cost you $9.99, Increase your Rate of Fire by 10% is a bargain at $2.99, and get yourself an “infinity Cartridge” for only $7.99. You can also purchase GP coins, at least I guess that is what they are, and plenty of other upgrades that will empty your wallet or purse as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for developers making money for their hard work and creations, but the in app purchase model in this already paid iPad app is a little ridiculous. Overall, I think iGun Zombie is a pretty good shooter game for the iPhone and iPad, but buyer beware on the extra purchases. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

iGun Zombie iPad App Download

Title: iGun Zombie
Cost: $0.99
Size: 42.2 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: NewFaceGames
Store: iTunes App Store

iGun Zombie iPad App Download

iGun Zombie - NewFaceGames

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

iGun Zombie iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal
★ iGun Zombie is now on Global Android Market

♥♥♥ New Weapon Update Event ♥♥♥
Grab your chance to have ” iGUN ZOMBIE ”
Just 50% sale price!!! Limited time ONLY !!

iGun-Zombie ★★★★★
!!! Kill zombies with your own upgraded guns and items !!!
!!! Not a simple app that only fires gun and customizes !!!

☞ iGun-Zombie enables shooting simulations and different customizing and supports various game mode with own gun from 150 stage and boss mode to hell wave of infinite forms.
Also iGun-Zombie supplies interest cleared mission with various items and new interest that collects, decorates and upgrades own guns.

★★★★★ Key Features ★★★★★
– Supply realization and simulator of 19 guns
– 150 Missions and boss mode by guns types
– Infinite Zombie Wave “Hell mode” getting stronger
– Guns upgrade and customization
– Various items — armor-piercing bullet, grenade, bullet time etc.
– World and Individual Ranking
– Objective & Achievement
Guns and missions are expected to be updated continuously.

★★★★★ Realistic Guns ★★★★★
– Assault rifle: AK47, AK74, M16A4, M16A4 M320, M4A1, AUG, SCAR-H Foregrip, G36C, P90, BAR
– Battle rifle: M14EBR, G3A4,
– Sub machine gun: Mini-Uzi, RPD, MP5, Thompson
– Pistol: G18, M1911, Desert Eagle

★★★★★ FPS MODE ★★★★★
150 Mission, And Your challenge to stimulate Boss Mission and Hell Wave
– Mission mode: 150 levels of emergence of various zombies –
– Boss mode: advent of strong boss every 10 stage
– Hell wave: Survive as long as in getting stronger zombie wave.

★ FACEBOOK & Twitter
– Enable to post up guns that you collect and mission clear results in Facebook public wall and twitter page.

★ Support: above iPhone 3GS
What’s new
new Gun – P90

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