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iLuv Drawing People – Kid-Friendly and Step-By-Step

iLuv Drawing People – Learn How To Draw Kids Doing Their Favorite Things (by Learn With Fun Apps) is an educational and creative drawing app that teaches children the basics of drawing people with narrated step-by-step templates that can be colored, dressed and decorated with special stickers, saved, and shared as greeting cards. This education app is very straightforward and kid-friendly starting right at the opening screen, which is divided into 3 components: Instructions, Learn To Draw, and My Drawing Book. A cute little tiger greets you in the Instructions and shows you how everything works (pencil, crayon, eraser, backgrounds, stickers, etc.), as well as how to navigate around the app. The Learn To Draw presents the 20 people-oriented templates ranging from single family members (Mom,Dad,Girl,Boy,Baby), to a Family group drawing, to activities like Ice Skating, Eating Fruit, Jumping, Dancing, and more. There are even 2 blank sheets for freehand drawing, exploration of the learned techniques, or whatever.

iPad Kids Education App Reviewipad kids education app review

Once your child selects a template, he or she will hear voice instructions telling him or her what to trace first, using either their fingers or stylus. They will follow the tracing step-by-step for the chosen picture template using a virtual pencil with 3 different available widths (thin, medium, and fat) until the picture is complete. Once the drawing is complete your child will move on to the really fun stuff like coloring the picture, adding stickers, and selecting a background.

I love the step-by-step instruction aspect of the application because I know what a real confidence booster it can be, especially for kids not comfortable with their own artistic abilities. Coloring is made easy by scrolling through the color palette and selecting colors to fill in large amounts with, or opting for the “real” crayon-coloring fashion which takes a little more effort. There are a wide range of colors to choose from, 15 background, and numerous sticker options as well to dress up the artwork. I enjoyed exploring the sticker area for ways to customize my “On a Swing” drawing — this is where the biggest selection of choices becomes apparent. There are words, fun objects, clothing, and accessories to sift through. One nice feature is the ability to resize the images and move them around all over the page. I gave my little girl a necklace, headband, watch, sunglasses, added a few messages, and then a butterfly to top my drawing off. With a simple tap, stickers are placed in the drawing, but it did take me a little bit to get used to dragging the outer rim of the circle (in a circular motion) in order to correctly place my objects in the drawing (surrounding each sticker object). You can zoom in and zoom out to resize the sticker to your liking as well. I found that some stickers were a tad bit tricky to work with, like the shoes, but my drawing was a girl sitting on a swing, so I can see how this would be more difficult to place exactly. While I was exploring all the great sticker choices, it made me think what a great opportunity it would be for kids to choose their own colors for the pre-done stickers, which would be a nice addition to the customization aspect of this app. Overall, this sticker area was one of my favorite areas allowing the fun and imagination to run freely.

When your child is happy with his or her masterpiece, it can be saved to the Drawing Book with the rest of your child’s growing collection, where the drawings can also be edited at any future time. In addition, drawings can be saved to your photos, printed out, or emailed as a very nice (maybe unexpected) greeting to brighten someone’s day. I know drawing the human form is one of the hardest things to accurately draw, but Learn with Fun Apps has done a great job of introducing the early basics of human drawing in a kid-appropriate way that also encourages confidence, creativity, imagination, personality, and fun that makes it super easy for kids to create pictures that they are sure to be proud of. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

iLuv Drawing People – Learn How To Draw Kids Doing Their Favorite Things iPad App Details

Title: iLuv Drawing People – Learn How To Draw Kids Doing Their Favorite Things
Price: $1.99
Size: 47.4 MB
Category: Education
Developer:Learn With Fun Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

iLuv Drawing People – Learn How To Draw Kids Doing Their Favorite Things iPad App Download Link

iLuv Drawing People - Learn how to draw kids doing their favorite things - MyVijan LLC

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iLuv Drawing People – Learn How To Draw Kids Doing Their Favorite Things iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

Your budding artists will learn the basics of drawing people in various different poses while learning to draw kids doing their favoirte things. Color, decorate and “DRESS UP” the drawings they created and also send as greeting cards to the loved ones.

This is a 3rd app in ‘iLuv Drawing’ series of apps! The first app ‘iLuv Drawing Animals’ is very well received and got 10s of 1000s of downloads.

Look for an educational and creative value beyond just coloring apps; drawing apps with blank pages; or how to draw apps with limited choices and features!

✔ Learn to draw by tracing over step by step templates.
✔ Very intuitive and easy to use interface.
✔ Friendly voice instructions.
✔ 20 cute drawings to choose from.
✔ A vibrant coloring pallet to color the finished drawing.
✔ Combined brush and color pallet.
✔ Many custom backgrounds and textures to add to the finished drawing.
✔ Add stickers to the drawing.
✔ Editing tools such as eraser, redo, undo, start over.
✔ Save in a drawing book or photos.
✔ Print your masterpiece.
✔ Ability to edit the saved drawing.
✔ Blank pages to practice what you learned or freehand drawing.

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Dress up Stickers

✔ Dress up your finished drawing with following dress up stickers.
✔ Clothes for girl and boy.
✔ Glasses, hairbands, purse, necklace, shoes, hat, bow ties, and more.

Greeting Card Stickers

✔ “I Love You”, “Missing You” etc stickers
✔ “Grandma”, “Grandpa” “Mom” “dad” stickers
✔ “Have fun”, “you are the best” stickers
✔ And more!


✔ Ideal for parents who are looking for educational value for their kids beyond blank pages.
✔ Also has blank pages to draw freehand.
✔ Learning the basics of drawing with many choices compared to any other app.
✔ More coloring, decorating and editing choices than any other learn to draw app!
✔ Lot of features, “learn to draw”, “coloring”, “decorating with backgrounds and stickers”, “Dress up”, “Use as greeting cards” or “Print” to hang on the wall.
✔ Building confidence with drawing and art in any age group!

Skills Addressed:
✔ Art and creativity, right brain thinking.
✔ Basic building blocks of a drawing.
✔ Fine motor skills for younger audience.

We have worked meticulously to make sure all the drawing steps are simple enough for everyone to follow and remember.

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