Picture Puzzle App – ImageQuest, The Original Picture Puzzle Game

Picture Puzzle app, ImageQuest is the original iPhone picture puzzle game. ImageQuest, a pictonym puzzle or picture puzzle game has 500+ pictonym puzzles. ImageQuest is not your everyday puzzle game, but it is one of those iPhone app’s that you play and you think to yourself, why didn’t I think of this app? You are given a series of similar pictures and you must determine the word based on the group of pictures. The game has an awesome user interface (UI) that anyone, even I can pickup and play in just a few seconds. The graphics are stellar and this app is fun to play.



There are 30 levels, of increasing difficulty and you can play full or scrambled key board style. There is either standard game play (by yourself) or tournament game play (online) against the world. Once you start your game you are timed (20 seconds) to complete the first puzzle. You get extra points for speed and IQ (I think that is for getting the puzzle right). The music is “jazzy” with a retro 50’s kind of a feel and I enjoyed the overall experience ImageQuest offers in their app. Other features include global leader boars, play your own iTunes music during gameplay, and live tournament gameplay.

While this app is currently free it goes back and forth from free to paid often. If you don’t grab it for free, be patient, set a price alert from a price drop app and wait until it goes free. ImageQuest is an awesome picture puzzle game with lots of head scratching picture puzzles and is the original iPhone picture game!

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