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iMediaShare – Video on TV – Excellent Video Streaming App

The iMediaShare – Video on TV, iOS app, gives you quality HD video on your iPhone or iPad that you can stream onto your TV. Yes, you can stream HD video to your TV with the iPhone or iPad as long as you have an Apple TV. And now you can do this with the iMediaShare app and most WiFi enabled TV’s, using a variety of players like the XBox, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray and others. The iMediaShare app provides a variety of HD video channels and categories for streaming.

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The HD video content includes Movies, Tubes, Personal, Entertainment, News and many more. The movies are full featured from several sources and are quality Hollywood movies. Likewise, you can stream Sesame Street, Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox News and other content easily. The Personal section lets you play your music, videos, and shows your photos on your own TV, which is a nice feature. Best of all, there are no cables required, just an enabled player. iMediaShare is an awesome HD video streaming app that works super easy! Checkout the iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV app for free on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to see if this HD TV video streaming app will work for you.




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