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Independence Day Puzzle App – Good For The Whole Family

In my hunt to find great patriotic-themed apps to kick off the 4th of July holiday, I stumbled upon the Aaron’s Independence Day Puzzle app.  This iPad Games app is a top-notch jigsaw puzzle game that the whole family can appreciate, especially younger kids. There are a total of 15 simple American-themed cartoon puzzles, 2 difficulty levels, and great familiar background music to play along with.



The Aaron’s Independence Day Puzzle app features lots of flag waving pride, stars and stripes, cute animals, people, and fireworks of course. These colorful cartoon puzzles are shown in a beautiful wood background that allows you to easily scroll through all the puzzles on display.  The first 13 puzzles are best suited for kids 2-7 years old. The last 2 “darn” puzzles (number 14-15) are a little more sophisticated in style and difficulty and should appeal more to the older crowd, unless you’re a big kid at heart.

Kids will enjoy challenging themselves in 2 different difficulty levels (1 & 2) in this iPad puzzle app. Level 1 is easy and automatically keeps puzzle pieces right side up and rotated for easier placement, which is great for younger kids.



Level 2 is a little more challenging because kids will have to use 2 fingers to manipulate and turn the puzzle pieces to place them properly on the game board. Overall, the 15 puzzles aren’t too difficult. In this app, all puzzle pieces can be overlapped and freely moved about the board. There is a timer that keeps track of how long it takes to complete a puzzle, but there is no pressure whatsoever in this quality Independence Day puzzle.

Aaron’s Independence Day Puzzle is a free iPad app with minimal ads.  The ads are not at all intrusive and can be bought off with a $0.99 in-app purchase if they bother you.

I tip my hat to the developers of this jigsaw puzzle app because they did a great job providing a quality free app that’s pleasant to play and listen to.



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