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Innovative App May Get You Out of That Speeding Ticket!

The TicketDefender iPhone application (by TicketDefender LLC) gives you a way to defend yourself against potentially unfair speeding tickets with a trackable speed/location tool, a printable Speed Report, and a Map Report to aid you in the defense against any speeding ticket that you feel you may have received unjustly. If you’ve been driving a car for any period of time, there is a good chance that you’ve received a speeding ticket by now. As a former police officer, my experience has been that most people felt they didn’t deserve a speeding ticket when stopped and cited. Now, when you receive a ticket you can use the iPhone’s technology combined with the TicketDefender application and bring some tangible evidence of your speed to court with you as potential evidence to fight against a speeding ticket that you feel may have been unfairly received. The application is very simple to use and very user friendly. All you need to do is add a vehicle, activate the “Record Speed” switch and the app can either run open or in the background, which allows you to use other applications.

Ticket Defender iPhone navigation app reviewsTicket Defender iPhone navigation app reviews

The application when running (again) either open or in the background captures your time, speed, latitude and longitude for the most recent hour every second. I found that during my road-testing, the TicketDefender speedometer reading and my vehicle speedometer reading were pretty close in number. The app uses the accelerometer, GPS, and cell tower location to do the heavy lifting in the background — but it’s important to remember that all set up should be done before actually driving. Once you receive a ticket (after you’re cited), tap the “Press When Ticketed” button to open up the report request screen. Here you can designate a time, then once you tap on “View Report,” the information will be mailed to your pre-entered email address. The last step is to download the “Speed Report” from the email and take the password provided in the email, go to and obtain the “Map Report,” both of which you can take to court to defend yourself from what you feel is an unfair ticket. Both reports are watermarked for authenticity and the PDF’s are locked so that there can be no tampering of either one of the reports. Having conversed with the developer, TicketDefender has not been tested in court yet, but it will be interesting to see what happens when this information is provided in a real court as an aid to someone’s defense. TicketDefender for the iPhone is a potentially inexpensive and innovative solution to defending yourself from a potentially unfair speeding ticket. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

TicketDefender iPhone App Details

Title: TicketDefender
Price: $1.99
Category: Navigation
Size: 12.1 MB
Developer: TicketDefender LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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