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Insanely Productive Sticky-Note-Functionality on Your iPad

abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application (by the ALSEDI Group) lets you turn your iPad into a super-powered virtual bulletin board featuring 88 backgrounds, 45 note skins, 27 badges and 115 icons, and believe it or not — more. All the numbers in the first sentence sound impressive, but what really stands out as impressive to me in this app is that you can have 15 different desktops of notes, with each desktop having its own title. Keep that in the back of your mind while I explain the beauty of this application.

abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application is an extremely intuitive sticky note and checklist iOS universal app that allows you to in seconds create a todo list, simple note, grocery list, etc., with lots of customization. The customization comes with all those numbers in the first sentence: 88 desktop backgrounds, 45 different note skins, 27 badges that sit at the bottom right of your notes, which can have 1 of 115 icons inside of them. If that is not enough, you can also create your very own custom desktop skin through image upload from your iOS photo gallery. Equally impressive to the large amount of customization is the ease of creating and manipulating notes all together. Create a note by tapping on the large “+” sign in the bottom left and you’ll pull up a menu to edit the note that is simplified by big colorful and meaningful icons, like a big green check mark to publish your note, a big red X to exit out of the note creation mode, a large orange garbage can to delete a note, a blue tools icon to access the 45 note skins, different fonts, sizes, and overall forms, such as right, left, or center justified, and the checklist option. The last button is a pink playful button that houses the 27 badges and 115 icons, and as the late and great pitchman Billy Mays would say, “And that’s not all.”

Once your note is created, you can manipulate it by pinching in and out and rotating. You can also drag it to another desktop easily and duplicate it as well in a snap. Plainly put, you sticky note freaks out there are going to be in heaven with this app.

abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application iPad Productivity App Reviewsabc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application iPad Productivity App Reviews

The sharing and syncing features really make this app a productivity stud. You can sync to other iOS devices using this app through WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as through iCloud Synchronization (iOS 5 & iCloud login required). Additionally, you can email notes by themselves or entire desktops, which for team work projects is ideal because the checklists look beautiful in the emails. The last notable feature is all checklist items appear on the outside icon in red if you like so you can see at a glance your outstanding “todos.” Plainly put, abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application is a stupid-simple download for anyone who wants to become more productive. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application iPad App Details

Title: abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application
Price: $0.99
Size: 19.1 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: ALSEDI Group
Store: iTunes App Store

abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application iPad App Download Link

abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application - ALSEDI Group

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abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
✭✭✭ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! ✭✭✭ Don’t forget to rate or review!
✭ iCloud Synchronization (iOS 5 & iCloud login required) ✭
✭ Up to 15 Virtual Desktops are available for iPhone now! ✭
✭ Checklist style notes! Manage your tasks directly on notes. ✭

abcNotes was designed to become your stylish and highly customizable, functional and easy to use assistant in taking notes and managing To Do lists. It takes advantage of unique iOS devices touchscreen preserving realistic look & feel of paper sticky notes.

HINT: To make a checklist note: Double tap the note to edit it. Tap the Note Properties button (blue one with tools icon). Find the checklist switch next to text alignment toggles. The total number of unchecked items is displayed as badge on abcNotes icon.

• 88 backgrounds to choose from
• 45 note skins
• 27 badge designs & 115 icons

• 15 virtual desktops
• Scale, rotate and drag notes
• Easy to edit, duplicate, move between desktops
• Supports any iPad orientation

• Email notes and desktops
• Copy note image to any application
• Synchronize notes between iOS devices
• Save notes as image and place to lock or home screen

No more boring note lists – abcNotes brings you the ability to make REAL notes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Put everything you need to remember into abcNotes! View you notes the way you want! Rotate your abcNotes to any angle you wish!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports.

What’s new

* Critical bug fixed: Unable to edit note (zero size font).

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