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Photo Puzzle Game For iPhone
Pixol is a cool, new Instagram game that may change photo puzzle games forever! As most people know, Instagram is a giant photo sharing app now owned by Facebook! This social media community is all about sharing photos and short videos with others. You can follow people, like photos, share other people’s photos, and so on. The Pixol app is a very creative game that takes photos from some of the top Instagram photographers and creates a very unique and challenging photo puzzle game.

App Details

There is online gameplay when you are logged into Instagram, as well as 120 offline photo puzzles to conquer if you lack connectivity. The Instagram game photos are from the top 25 Instagram photographers and can be commented on and liked. You can also follow the photographers during gameplay. There are numerous game modes and difficulty levels for both online and offline play. There is even a super friendly kid version included in Pixol that features only animal pictures (60). This allows youngsters to get in on the photo playing action by guessing what kind of animals they are.

Instagram Game iPhone App

How To Play Pixol

Each photo puzzle game starts, of course, with a photo, but the photo is missing 4 circled areas. In Easy game mode, you are initially given one of the missing circles to correctly place in the photo. However, you only have a short period of time to do so and you only have 4 guesses. If you use all your guesses, your game is over. From the Easy game mode, it progressively gets more difficult by making you tap to reveal the circle clues, move a colored cover over the circle guess (which only reveals the photo puzzle piece for a brief moment), and so on.

Bottom Line

There is no shortage of photographic puzzle gameplay in this creative, unique and challenging iPhone Instagram game. If you are an Instagram user, you will surely want to check out this iOS Universal game. And for a few lucky readers, we have a limited number of free downloads below.

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  1. got # 3 TY!!!

  2. Lol. Oh yea. I’ve been playing it for awhile now, lol. Some of the pictures are really cool. It’s a little harder or a game then I thought it was gonna b. Thanks again 🙂