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InStudios – Imagination And Photo Creation!

InStudios is an iPad Lifestyle app that gives you the tools you need to turn your imagination into a creative visual reality that can be shared with others through a built in Facebook and Twitter share feature. If you let your mind run wild creatively you will be able to come up with some really nice photo designs. The application is very minimalist and has an easy to use process for creating your visual masterpieces. The process is super simple: think of an object, idea, thought, expression (whatever), and do a search for images on the web using the built in search engine within the application. Once done with the first step, you select a design background from either your camera roll or use your iPad’s camera to get your background image.

After you have selected your background, you will enter into the design phase where your imagination and creation come together; at this point you can add your images to your chosen background, merge images for a translucent effect, change the scale of your images, and add as many images as you like for an overlay or collage look. Once finished here, you can share your design on Facebook, Twitter or email it. If you like, there is a design album where you can keep track of all your image creations for later sharing or viewing.

ipad photography app reviewipad photography app review

While this app allows you to explore your creativity and produce unique photo masterpieces, there are several editing additions that would make this app even cooler. I would love the opportunity to select my own images to add to my design, as well as be able to rotate images in the design process, deleting or revisiting images once set. In addition to the photo creation, this app also has another side, as it is a marketing app for an architecture company out of the U.K. There is a Design tab that you can enter through to explore some rather interesting buildings, objects and the like, as well as learn more about this company’s ideas. You can also contact them for more information. InStudios will help you to uncork your imagination and easily put those ideas into some interesting and unique photo creations. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

InStudios iPad App Details

Title: InStudios
Price: $0.99
Size: 31.1 MB
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: Veena Karthick
Store: iTunes App Store

InStudios iPad App Download Link

InStudios - Veena Karthick

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InStudios iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

***Limited time sale ***. ” Your Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” – by Albert Einstein. ”
So, go ahead and Unleash your Imagination using Instudios. Read our all version customer reviews !

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*Instudios is a fantastic little app and I urge you all – especially the photographers among us – to check it out. Most of the images are just out of this world. Download this to your iPad now-

Download, Enjoy and share your dreams and imaginations with friends through built in Facebook and Twitter !

InStudios is the powerful app that holds a creative nature and brings out individual’s imaginations and exciting ideas alive.
It brings out your Imaginations to reality and you can create!
The powerful search engine provides extended high quality images beautifully presented and animated from around the world. The dynamic tools help to merge any creative ideas in your mind and bring out the best new ideas you can put together.

The application’s integration with search engine, camera tool and access to photo library is enhanced for new way of use in this application. All the above together, is enhanced using multi-sensory features of the iPad, to visualise and create visions of all kinds within minutes from anywhere. We have provided a excellent set of functions, to bring out visuals at finger tips through this visualisation media.

Uplifts your enthusiasm for innovation and inventions. Excites you to imagine and visualise the impossible and invoke your best skills. Holds a library to save your works and network to share it amongst your friends. The app is invented to inspire you and Experiment beyond boundaries to imagine, visualise and create visions.

Key features

Powerful search tool providing high quality images in animation.

Save your search images in personal store within application.

Camera tool and access to photo library is built-in for new way of use
in this application bringing out iPad’s best features.

Full screen view of high quality images.

Dynamic design and visualisation tools for creativity.

Merge images and explore the visualisation process.

Our information guides helps you getting started.

Work with comfort in landscape and portrait orientation.

Library in animation saves and presents your works in the best highlight.

All interactive media and social network integrated to share ideas.
What’s new
*Discover Design Inspiration with our new interactive feature.
* Explore the Enhanced user interface added.

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