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Interactive Book, My Parents Are Crazy, Funny iPad Kids Book! (Video)

Billy wakes up to find his parents acting really strange in this funny, animated interactive Books app called My Parents Are Crazy! This iOS Universal kids’ book is exciting to read and features a humorous story, mini-activities, engaging interactive opportunities, and 1 set of cRaZy parents!

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Getting your kids to read is not always easy, especially with all the cool apps and digital things that fight to grab their attention these days. The philosophy of the app developer (Confidence Through Characters, Inc.) is to create fun interactive books that engage kids and motivate them to want to read. And the My Parents Are Crazy! app does a great job of that. This interactive book ties an imaginative story around several learning activities that actually appear less like learning lessons and more like fun games.

As this story goes on and Billy makes his way downstairs to eat, he encounters all kinds of unusual events. He has a strange conversation with his mom as she gives him a candy apple for breakfast. And the day just keeps getting weirder for Billy, ultimately ending with a skydiving experience he will never forget.

Interactive Book My Parents Are Crazy iPad App Review

My Parents Are Crazy App Overview

This interactive book features several reading modes, including narration (through 4 professional narrators). There is a non-narration reading mode, text on, text off, highlight word on/off, and an ambient sounds slider to control book sounds.

“Glowing items” are another noteworthy feature seen throughout this whacky story. There are plenty of them, and once tapped on they provide either a “touch interaction” or a “audio interaction.” This feature delivers a more dynamic and memorable reading experience for your kids. And although it’s tough to keep kids focused on reading nowadays, the 2 re-playable mini activities in this book will keep your kids coming back repeatedly to My Parents Are Crazy! The two fun activities are “Make A Banana Split” and “Whipped Cream Writing Board.”

iPad App Review for My Parents Are Crazy iPad Kids Book

Make A Banana Split lets kids build their own banana splits with easy touch “drag and drop” interactions. They can place a banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts/sprinkles and a cherry on top of their banana split. However, one feature that would make this activity even better would be the opportunity to take a picture of your finished ice cream masterpiece.

The Whipped Cream Writing Board features several different colors of whipped cream and a blank board for kids to write whatever they want on it. Once your kid is done writing, the “whipped cream writings” can be saved to your camera roll, or the sponge can be used to clean the board and start all over again. Another subtle learning activity in this app is simply called “Learn.”

Fun iPad Kids Book Review for My Parents Are Crazy App

The Learn page features numerous words on virtual cards and how they were used in the story, with a picture that references the word or word phrase on that card. This is a great way for parents to continue the “My Parents Are Crazy” story after they have read it with their child. The cards provide for the possibility of open conversations about the “learning card words.” Conversations can run along the lines of “what was your favorite part of the book” or “who was your favorite character in the book?” – but may also lead to more adventurous conversations.

Additional features found in the My Parents Are Crazy ! app that will make parents happy include: 1) No in app purchases, 2) No links out of the book, 3) No ads, and 4) COPA compliant.

Although it’s a great challenge to keep kids motivated and interested in reading and learning, it won’t be a problem with My Parents Are Crazy !, This cRaZy book does an awesome job of providing a fun and engaging reading experience for kids.

My Parents Are Crazy ! is an iOS Universal Books app created for kids 6-8 years of age. It can be downloaded on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Developer: Confidence Through Characters, Inc
iOS Universal Books application, Cost: $1.99, v. 1.0.1
My Parents Are Crazy!
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/26/2014
Fun, interactive iPad kids' storybook with plenty of interactions, mini activities, and crazy parents!
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Confidence Through Characters, Inc. creates book apps that motivate children to read. Young readers build personal confidence when they enjoy reading fun, positive, and imaginative books. CTC believes that motivating a child to read sparks a quest for learning. My Parents Are Crazy! is the first book App from CTC.

Katherine Geerdes, the founder of CTC, holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of San Diego. Before embarking on writing and creating children’s book apps, Katherine taught Special Education in Southern California. She currently lives with her husband in San Diego, California.

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