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If you’re looking for an interesting and intelligent comic book app, the Sentinel HD series should grab your attention. Like any good comic book series, this interactive graphic novel starts with an intriguing storyline. One that revolves around science, technology, world destruction and a battle between good and evil. Sentinel HD also features colorful comic-book-style graphics, subtle animations and realistic sound effects that really bring the story to life on your iPad. This interactive comic book app also comes with character case profiles and a tricky puzzle game that may be a challenge to solve.

Interactive Comic Book App Sentinel HD

Backstory for Sentinel HD

Comic Book App Sentinel HD for iPad

This iPad Books app is appropriate for kids 9 years old and up, and is the launch edition of the Sentinel app created by Think IPM. The backstory to this comic inspired adventure begins with a once respected bio-engineer who used his intellect for the good of the world making advancements in the field of climate control. That was until a terrible accident turned the good Dr. Troy Reeds into The Destroyer, a now evil madman hell-bent on destroying the world he once worked so hard to improve.

Fortunately for the world, there is an elite network of Sentinels, supported by a secret agency, whose mission is to protect Earth and eliminate the threats of The Destroyer and his red-eyed Drudges. In this comic book app you will meet the Sentinel team: Marek ‘Pops’ Studzinki and 3 high school teens – Saul, Jaz, and Moose. Follow along with this trio’s adventure as they go to work trying to figure out how to defeat The Destroyer and his network of assassins and affiliates.

Interesting Features in Sentinel HD

iPad Interactive Graphic Novel Sentinel HD

As you read along in this interactive comic book, you will want to tap on all the different interactive buttons. One will activate exciting animations and the other, the “Case File” button, will give you a character profile with background information. These profiles will also help you piece together clues to unanswered questions, as the story unfolds, and start to unravel the mystery surrounding the story.

Sentinel HD is not just an action-packed story, it also includes a built-in puzzle game that adds another sense of intrigue. After reaching a certain part of the story, you will be tasked with disarming The Destructor’s harmful device. Do you have what it takes to be a Sentinel? You only have 90 seconds to successfully rotate wheels and disarm the device. This challenging puzzle can be attempted repeatedly; however, for you impatient types there is a $0.99 puzzle hint that can be purchased through in-app purchase. There is also the option to bypass the puzzle portion altogether and immediately move on in this graphic novel, for $1.99.


Sentinel HD is an iPad Books app that normally sells for $2.99, but this launch edition is free for a limited time. There is also an iPhone version of this comic book app that normally sells for $1.99 – and it’s free for a limited time too. If you’re looking for a cool new comic book series with an intriguing storyline, Sentinel HD may just be the captivating series for you. You can download Sentinel HD now using the links below. For additional information about the Sentinel HD app and the comic book characters, you can visit the website.

Interactive Comic Book App Sentinel HD for iPad

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iPad Books app, which is also an interactive comic book app with a great story and graphics, cool animations and sound effects, and a challenging puzzle to solve.
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