Got Stuff? This Inventory App Will Help You Manage It All

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of personal and work-related stuff to keep track of. Whether it’s household items, outdoor equipment, decorations, hobby essentials, office supplies or any other number of things you could possibly own, having a good inventory app in your possession can help you easily organize and manage it all.

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The Inventory List app, by Fabian Alexander Villalba, is a simple and easy-to-use Productivity app that provides an attractive and practical management tool to log all your property, big and small. Now you can add, tag, track, find, move, and export inventory data right from your iPhone. And since this inventory app was designed to be used for both personal and small business use, you’ll find it efficient for logging everything in the house, garage, shed, warehouse, office and more.

With the aid of the Inventory List app you can create simple lists, add icons and colored tags from the 185+ available, and assign locations to help you verify what you own and where to find it. To help you create quick but efficient inventory lists, Inventory List only includes the most pertinent information when logging all your stuff: Name, Price, Item ID, Category, Quantity, and Total Value. You can also add a custom note and include a photo to each entry as well. And to help you know exactly where to find inventory items, you’ll also need to define and assign locations. You can assign a general location and get as specific as you like by assigning rooms in a building and even exact spots within a room. In addition, this inventory application gives you the ability to easily move inventory items to other locations within the app without having to reenter those items in multiple times.

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This app also comes with a lot of other practical and handy features. You can search your lists by Name, Item ID, Category, and Place. There is also a barcode scanner feature that supports UPC codes and uses your iPhone’s camera to automatically scan and search a barcode, making it easy for you to find your inventory ID fast. Another nice feature is the ability to view and sort your inventory using an alphabetized ascending or descending order format, or by created date. And to keep you aware of your inventory’s worth, this app includes a general Assets Reports feature with inventory totals by number of items, category and total monetary value.

There is also the option to back up your inventory data to Dropbox and export inventory info as a CSV file right from your iPhone, allowing you to edit your file in an Excel spreadsheet. And for privacy and security purposes, you can choose to set and use a password as well. You’ll also find helpful FAQs and a quick tutorial if you need it, and the developer’s email if you need assistance. This organizer app is a free app that comes with 25 inventory items for free and the option to unlock an unlimited number of items through a $4.99 in app purchase.

If you’ve got stuff, you can now take charge and easily organize and manage it all using your iPhone and the Inventory List app.

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