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iOS 5 brings a treasure trove of new apps to the iPhone developed by Apple, some native, some free in the iTunes App Store. A simple new iPhone native productivity app that comes with iOS 5 is the Reminders app. This simple “todo” task manager application is a breeze to use and can set both tasks and reminders, while also storing completed tasks. This app syncs with iCal, Exchange calendars and iCloud, as well as your other iDevices. The very best thing about this productivity application is in the “remind me” option for any reminder. You can set a location to be notified of your reminder when either leaving or arriving, making this a great, yet subtle productivity app to keep your head screwed on straight. The reminder app functionality varies between the iPhone 4 running iOS 5 and my iPad 2 running iOS 5. My iPad 2 is a WiFi only 32GB model and the location portion of this app does not exist in on the iOS 5 for my iPad 2. I believe this is because my WiFi only iPad uses WiFi crowd sourcing for location services, while the iPad 3G models use assisted GPS, as my iPhone 4. Needless to say, if you are using an iPod Touch you will probably not have the “remind me” location feature. It would be nice if they added a time feature to go with the date “remind me” option. What do you think about this new iOS 5 app?
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Reminders (native iOS 5) iPhone App Details

Title: Reminders
Price: FREE (native iOS 5 app)
Size: ??
Category: Productivity
Developer: Apple
Store: iTunes App Store

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Reminders Native iPhone App Developers Description

Make all kinds of to-do lists for anything you can think of. Then add deadlines and locations. Even set alerts. Or just tell Siri, “Remind me to take out the trash” or “Remind me to pay my phone bill Thursday.” And suddenly, everything you have to do seems a lot more doable.

Organize your life in to-do lists. Or to-see lists. Or to-eat lists. Reminders on iPhone helps you remember everything you have to do. And makes sure you get it all done.

No matter what you’ve got going on, here’s an easy way to remember it all. Organize everything you have to do by deadline, priority, location, or custom-made lists. And as a due date gets closer, Reminders sends you an alert so you stay on track.

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