iOS 7 Beta 2 – A Quick Look At New Features (Video)

Apple has released its second beta version of iOS 7, and the bug fixing and tweaking begins. A few weeks ago Apple unveiled the iOS 7 at their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). And as one Apple employee put it, “this is the biggest change to the iPhone, since the iPhone was released.”

Watch the iOS 7 Beta 2 Video Now!

We decided to take a quick look at some of the new iOS 7 features, but we waited until the iOS 7 Beta 2 came out, due to persistent bugs with the phone application. But, with all beta versions of software, there are bound to be bugs. Since iOS 7 beta 2, my iPhone 5 battery life has gone into the pooper.

However, an awesome YouTube subscriber @agent00immpression pointed a fix for this. If you are suffering from poor battery life with iOS beta 7, follow these instructions:


go to settings>general>accessibility>parallax and turn off.

Now for the good stuff. The new control center is awesome. Notifications have gotten a huge upgrade with a today view and multi-tasking is great. iTunes Radio is nicely integrated into iTunes and Vimeo and Flickr now show as native social media sites in the settings area.

Not shown in the video is how to find Spotlight Search. It’s easy. Whatever page you are on, pull down and the search bar will appear at the top.


Watch the iOS 7 Beta 2 – A Quick Look At New Features video for a brief view of these features and more.

We will continue to track the iOS 7 beta versions as they come out to give you a look at all the new features.

For all information about iOS 7, check out Apple – iOS 7.

YouTube App Video Link: iOS 7 Quick Look Beta 2 – CrazyMikesapps

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  1. Peter Stein says:

    Great presentation on ios 7, CrazyMike! Biggest changes in the Apple operating system, I’ve seen, in years. I was told that the update was set for Fall-2013. Do yo know of any more specific date for the operating system?

    • Peter, no, as usual Apple does not release dates for releases of iOS or hardware. But, I suspect it will revolve around the press conference for the new iPhone, which if goes according to plan will be anywhere from mid September to Mid October. We will continue to show new stuff as more beta versions come out.




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