Robot Tsunami – iOS Game Pays Homage to Classic Arcade Game, Robotron!

Do you love shooting games, evading massive mobs of robot enemies, and trying to live past wave after challenging wave? If so, Robot Tsunami is your game. This explosive dual stick shooter game has a touch of tower defense and shoot ’em up gameplay. It also features 2 massive game modes (Campaign and Challenge), 17 blistering music tracks, various weapons, deployable items, 12 classes of enemy robots, and no in app purchases!

Dual stick shooter games have always been among my favorite iOS and Android games to play. There is some sense of satisfaction that I can control my hero shooting wildly as I run away from enemies, or that when there are less enemies I can take them on straightaway. Robot Tsunami, while not the first dual stick shooter robot game is a much more modern version of the classic arcade game Robotron: 2084 from the early 1980s. Robotron is a 2D dual stick shooter game where your “stick figure” hero is surrounded by hoards of angry robots who come at you from all directions.

Robot Tsunami draws from the original robot killer game, Robotron, but adds sensible twists that make the gameplay more interesting. And as far as the graphics and sounds go, this game delivers a solid dual stick shooter game that is jam-packed with gameplay – and all for one low price.

iPad App Review for Robotron Game Robot Tsunami

Robot Tsunami App Overview

There are 2 game modes in this shooter game: Campaign, which features 6 different arena based games, each consisting of 80 waves of gameplay. You have 3 lives to start off with but can earn more through pick-ups, but once your lives are gone, no matter what level you are on your game is over. In comparison, Challenge game mode currently has 30 challenges that require you to complete a specific mission. Both Campaign and Challenge game modes feature 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, and Hard) and become more difficult as you progress in the gameplay, providing for plenty of replay value.

There are an assortment of exotic killing weapons to choose from such as the death ray, lightning gun, rocket launcher, laser beam gun and so on, as well as 7 deployable items. The deployable items are primarily turrets and help provide extra firepower when needed, but there is also a decoy, laser fence, laser wall and teleporter deployables to make the game more compelling. You will also find health, shield, and other power-ups through your travels, all coming from pulsating green spawn stations.

Each spawn station has a timer above it that’s counting down, letting you know when an item will become available. And if you take too long to get to an available item, it will disappear; thus, starting another countdown.

Robot Tsunami iPad App Review

Robot Tsunami Gameplay

If you are even remotely a fan of Robotron: 2084, you will find Robot Tsunami to be quite fun to play. Yes, there is an argument that this game can become repetitive, but it depends on what you are looking for in a game. While there is some sameness to each wave, as I pounded my way through wave after wave, I discovered a uniqueness to each wave that kept me encouraged to complete each one. As you play through the game in Campaign mode, you will notice that each wave gets harder; and there is a significant increase in difficulty at wave 30 and above.

Having played hours of Robotron as a kid, I found Robot Tsunami to be a fun and much more contemporary version of that arcade game I didn’t seem to find repetitive as a kid. Nor do I find Robot Tsunami to be repetitive, but I guess it just depends on your gaming preference.

And since there are no in app purchases in this mobile app, what you see is what you get! So it comes down to your skill, quickness, and strategy that will determine if you can beat this game overall.

iPad App Review for Robotron Game, Robot Tsunami

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Developer: Ground Up Games Pty Ltd
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $4.99, v. 1.0
Robot Tsunami
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 06/10/2014
Hard core, dual stick shooter game with loads of gameplay and a touch of tower defense gameplay.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Ground Up Games was founded in November 2010 by industry veteran William Docherty with a view to developing high quality mobile, PC & Mac gaming applications. The company is located in Samford Valley, just outside Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. The business epitomizes the term “Indie Developer” in the truest sense as a one-man outfit working with world class technology and content providers to produce quality products.

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