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Help The Dog – Mind-Twisting Logic Puzzles Inside New iOS Puzzle Game!

Help the Dog find Candy and escape a nasty witch named Bruhilda in this mind-twisting iOS puzzle game featuring more than 45 levels of gameplay, an additional expert game mode, bonus levels, and cool accessories for your dog hero!

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The Backstory

The dog characters, Cody and Candy, are set to be married. However, the evil witch Bruhilda crashes the wedding and kidnaps the dog princess. Now it is up to Cody (and you) to navigate challenging to difficult logic puzzles to rescue Candy in the Help the Dog app. Along the way you will work with other animals that are stuck in Bruhilda’s wicked kingdom called Neverends.

iPad App Review for iOS Puzzle Game Help The Dog

Help The Dog Game Overview

Help The Dog is a logic puzzle game with simple swipe-to-move gameplay, with the objective of getting your hero, Cody, to the teleporter in each level within the required number of moves. Swiping to move Cody is the easy part, but unfortunately, Cody only stops when he hits something like a wall, trees, camel or other solid objects. The developer, Illusion Code, took this simplistic style of puzzle gameplay and created, as they say, “mind twisting” puzzles that really challenge you.

This $0.99 paid version currently features 45 puzzle levels that are spread out in 6 very unique worlds. In fact, after the first world you will meet other animals locked away in Bruhilda’s Neverends world. You will have to work with the other animals to solve puzzles together so Cody can rescue Candy. All puzzles must be played in order, and the next puzzle only becomes unlocked when you complete the previous level. And when you get stuck, and you will, you can use 1 of 3 hints that show you how to complete a level. Hints replenish each day, but you only get 3 a day – so use them wisely.

As you complete puzzle levels you will unlock clothing accessories for your hero, Cody. These accessories include funky hats, glasses, masks, and more that can be changed out once unlocked from the accessories section on the home screen. Help The Dog is also available to be played in 4 different languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

Additionally, there are bonus levels of gameplay once you complete a world, when Expert game mode is unlocked. Expert game mode is essentially the same puzzle levels for the world completed, but with an added difficulty. The added difficulty for the Expert levels is an off and on darkness feature. This can become a problem because it can take you too long to complete a level, and in harder levels Bruhilda comes out and tosses deadly fire bombs at you to complicate things. After each successful level completion, you can share your score on Facebook or Twitter to brag about your success. However, there may not be much to brag about unless you complete the puzzle in the required number of moves.

iOS Puzzle Game App Review for iPad

No In App Purchases

Illusion Code created Help The Dog with a one-time purchase for the paid version of the game ($0.99). There are no in-app purchases, and once you purchase the app you get all game levels as well as all future levels that come in game updates. There is also a free version of Help The Dog called Help The Dog Free – it has ads and only provides 1 puzzle hint a day. You can download this app for free in iTunes and try the game out before you purchase the paid version if you like, but for $0.99 you can’t go wrong.

iOS Puzzle Game iPad App Review

Help The Dog Gameplay

The first game world in Help The Dog is fairly easy and includes a tutorial for level 1. But once you make it to World 2, the gloves come off and the puzzles get more challenging. In World 2, Cody meets a camel and has to work with the camel to complete each puzzle level in this world. The added difficulty for this world is that the camel moves the same direction that Cody does. Solving puzzles in World 2 requires you to think outside the box, or world in this case. You will need to use objects to stop the camel, manipulating it to help Cody get into the teleporter. And you are going to see a whole lot more of that ugly witch Bruhilda because she begins to come out more often.

Help The Dog is a well-made 2D logic puzzler for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that provides great logic puzzle gameplay at a fantastic price. If you are not convinced, try the free version of Help The Dog and see if you can complete all the puzzles. Good luck because you will need it!

You can also download Help The Dog for your Android device and Kindle Fire device in Google Play and Amazon (see download links below).

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Developer: Illusion Code, LLC
iOS Universal Games application, Cost: $0.99, v. 1.0.4
Help The Dog
Written by: MIchael F. Vallez
Date Published: 03/25/2014
Challenging iOS puzzle game featuring 45 levels, 6 worlds, bonus levels, and plenty of accessories for your hero!
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Illusion Code LLC is a mobile application development company based in Miami, Florida founded in 2013. The goal of the company is to develop fun and innovative mobile games. As the games of today steer further and further away from the gaming days of our childhood, we strive to bring back elements of “retro” gaming while still appealing to the masses.

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