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B.O.R.G. – Free Puzzle Game – Tests Your Mind (video)

The iPad puzzle game, B.O.R.G. – Free Puzzle Game (by Black Ops Marketing) is a memory logic game that can be played alone in 3 difficulty modes or with others through online multiplayer game mode. Wondering what the heck “B.O.R.G.” means? The definition provided by the developer is: Basic Organic Recall Game. What this means is that you are going to need to use your memory skills when playing this game.

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This iPad puzzle game is played on a 6×6 grid with 36 game tiles. Under each tile is a colored marble (orb) and a Power Rule. The game is played between 2 players either 1 player vs. computer or 1 player vs. 1 player in multiplayer game mode. The game progresses with players alternating row selection (person whose turn it is) and column selection through 18 rounds of gameplay. The object of this iPad puzzle game is to score the most points possible.

B.O.R.G. - Free Puzzle GameB.O.R.G. - Free Puzzle Game


There are 3 difficulty settings in this challenging puzzle game: Easy, Medium and Hard. And it took me several games to get a grasp of the gameplay, but the most important tip to remember is if you’re selecting the row, then you’re getting the orb for that turn. O


B.O.R.G. Free Puzzle Game is a challenging iPad puzzle game that will test your memory recall and strategy based on some or no game information.

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