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Trial Xtreme 3, iPad Racing Game, Innovative Supercross Action! (Video)

The iPad racing game Trial Xtreme 3 lets you saddle up 1 of 3 virtual motorcycles for some awesome arcade supercross racing. You will race your way through 4 unique environments featuring: 80 levels, customizable rider, bikes, and some insanely difficult Xtreme race courses.
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You can take advantage of the 12 Xtreme race courses for free, but if you want the additional 68 courses it will cost $2.99. Either way, get right into the racing action by challenging others or race by yourself.


The multiplayer racing option is not “real time” racing against other players. Rather this racing option lets you race your Facebook friends or random players’ fastest times. While not exactly “head to head” you get to race the other player’s ghost or shadow, which still provides a human opponent, just a recorded version. At first I found this “head to head” racing to be a bit cheesy, however, after losing a few times it began to feel like I was really racing another person, especially since I could see the other person’s Facebook photo mocking me after each loss!

This iPad racing game is a bunch of fun to play and apparently many others feel the same way. The Trial Xtreme racing games have been downloaded over 50 million times legitimizing the quality of this free iPad racing game, and overall for all of the Trial Xtreme racing games (11). While this game provides a good time, the race courses are not always easy to complete. At times you will have to figure out the puzzle (racing course) as you motor your way through it.


One tip: don’t try to complete all courses with the throttle wide open because you will fail and fail miserably. I suggest taking your time. Don’t forget you have a brake, and don’t let your head hit anything — or game over!

Trial Xtreme 3 is an awesome supercross racing game that will test your patience at times, but provides a lot of racing fun, especially for free!

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