Fabulous iPad Storybook About the Terrifying Building in Eyeville

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville is a wonderfully clever iPhone and iPad storybook app written by Joel Gr√łndrup, after cancer “visited” his world one day. At the age of 1, his young daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of retinal eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. Drawing from his experience, the author wrote this unique and imaginative story about Eyeville to give others a humorous and entertaining conversational tool to explain and discuss the disease of cancer without making it “too sad or scary” for kids. This Books app not only tells an entertaining and colorful story, but contains clever symbolic meanings as well, allowing you the option to discuss the subject of cancer with your kids or to just enjoy it for the colorful and entertaining book that it is.

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville features a creative and engaging story that is appropriate for children 4 years old and older. This iPhone and iPad storybook app comes with colorful, humorous and quality artwork, simple and fun animations on every page, and plenty of subtle symbolism that is masterfully woven throughout the storyline. There are also 3 different reading mode options: Read, Listen, and Listen and Read. And, you and your children will also discover delightful narration and character portrayals for a whole cast of interesting characters. Some of the characters you’ll meet are Mr. Nice, Miss Lizzie, Postman Bob Dogood, Sheriff Smith, Hank the Butcher, President Sharp and their dreaded town guest: Kanser.

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In this children’s iPhone and iPad storybook app you and your kids will visit the lovely town on Eyeville, a perfect place where everyone liked each other and all things were pleasant and beautiful all the time. That was until an uninvited guest arrived in this quaint little town of Eyeville. It was on that one dark night that a strange little man landed on the doorstep of Mr. Nice’s home, and being a nice person, of course, Mr. Nice invited him in. But what Mr. Nice didn’t know was that Kanser was a terrible guest who always took advantage of everyone and everything in his path. And it wouldn’t be long before Kanser would try to take over the whole town. Thankfully for Mr. Nice, Miss Lizzy and the rest of the people of Eyeville, President Sharp had a plan to help to the people bring about a happy but unexpected ending. But you’ll have to download and read this iOS Universal Books app to find out how the story ends.

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville iPad storybook

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville not only offers a clever, imaginative, and entertaining storybook app, but also touches upon the subject of Cancer in a kid-friendly way.

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