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Valentine’s Wallpapers, iPad Wallpapers App (Video)

Looking for some iPad Valentine’s wallpapers to put you in the mood for love? Valentine’s Wallpapers HD is a good place to start.  You’ll find a whole range of quality images to use on your iPad and to share with your special someone. But these iPad wallpapers aren’t just reserved for you and your special Valentine. There are plenty of suitable wallpaper images to share with your kids, family and friends. What you’ll discover in Valentine’s Wallpapers HD is a nice mix of image styles and types. There are quality photos, cartoons, drawings, and paintings. There are also plenty of Valentine-themed images to suit different tastes. And although I didn’t count the number of iPad wallpapers included in this Entertainment app, I can tell you that these wallpapers are continuously updated, so there should always be something new.

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The wallpapers within this iPad wallpapers app vary, but expect to see images that are cute, sweet, whimsical, friendly, playful, funny, edgy and elegant. And for the romance novel lover in you, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of steamy “Gone With The Wind” type wallpapers befitting any tawdry book cover. You’ll also come across images of adoring couples, sweet little kids, rose petals, rose bouquets, hearts, chocolate, champagne, wine, and a variety of love-inspired messages. I like the heart of flames and broken eggs that have heart-shaped yokes. I even liked the edgier paint-splattered heart graphics, and some less than sweet wallpapers.



These iPad wallpapers are displayed in 3 simple categories: Popular, Recent, Random. Just tap on one of the tabs to view the collection of wallpaper images. You can opt to view multiple images at a time on your iPad (9 images) or view full images one at a time. One at a time is a little slow, but if you don’t mind a leisurely pace, then check out the slideshow. Valentine’s Wallpapers HD has a nice slideshow feature that changes images every few seconds. I like the water ripple effect that transitions between each image. I found it relaxed me and improved my mood to take a few moments to watch some Valentine-themed images dreamily pass by. Too bad this iPad wallpapers app doesn’t come with music. If you see something you like on the screen, tap (to reveal the bottom navigation) and share it with others or save it to your camera roll to be used as one of your iPad wallpapers.

NestedApps, the developer of this free wallpaper app is upfront about the images seen within this Entertainment app. They are “collected from various web resources” and some appear to have been removed by their owner. This is why you  may see some missing images when scrolling through. This didn’t hinger my use. I had no problems with this iPad wallpaper app except for 2 incidents when I tapped on an image to save it, and it brought back a different image from the one I wanted. Since this is a free, iPad wallpaper app, there are a few ads that run along the bottom, and an occasional pop up ad.  But if you’re looking for an iPad wallpaper app to put you in the mood for love and give you a way to express some love, check out Valentine’s Wallpapers HD. Or the iPhone version Valentine’s Wallpapers.

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