Elfishki and The Unwelcome Guest – Magical iPad Story

Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest (by Elka Palka Production) is an original kids' interactive iPad storybook that presents a magical story filled with mythical Elfishki creatures and a storyline revolving around new friendships, all while developing conscious reading skills … [Read more...]

Learn To Count with Flow And His Glowing Pebbles

Flow And His Glowing Pebbles (by Itay Cohen Productions) is an interactive book for toddler-age children that teaches the numbers 1-10 through an underwater voyage led by a friendly stingray named Flow. Learning can be fun and is in this … [Read more...]

Who Stole The Moon? Amazing Kids’ Book With Games!

Who Stole The Moon? - Interactive e-book for children (by WindyPress) is an amazing book based on an original story by Helen Stratton-Would and illustrated by Russian designer Vlad Gerasimov. There are 4 fun mini-games and 8 original songs performed by an award-winning … [Read more...]

Bill the Fish – An Encouraging Children’s Story

Bill the Fish (by InteractBooks) is a simple and witty interactive story about a regular fish named Bill. Bill is fine being a regular fish and he doesn't get upset that he is not smaller, taller, bigger, rounder, or anything else -- he's just happy being himself. As the … [Read more...]

Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels..Awesome on the iPad!

Thomas The Train is the lovable and classic talking train character that has been capturing kids' hearts for years. Now, by way of the new technology that the iPad offers, there is a wide selection of interactive iPad Thomas the Train books available to fuel the passion even … [Read more...]

Engaging Children’s Book Featuring Koto, A Very Cool Dog!

Koto Go Silence (by Daniel Shneor) is a funny story about an animated-3D-samurai watchdog (named Koto) and his various missions to silence all the house-related noises of the night. Oh, to be a kid today and have access to the amazing children's books that continue to "come … [Read more...]

Ann Can’t Sleep..Fun, Entertaining iPad Kids Book App

Ann Can't Sleep is a kidrific interactive bedtime or anytime story about a young girl named Ann. She is having a hard-time falling asleep and staying asleep because of all the exciting things there are to do with have favorite stuffed friends — which one will she snuggle up … [Read more...]

The Classic Peter Pan Story Comes to Life on the iPad!

The Adventures of Peter Pan, by So Quat, is the classic Peter Pan story magically brought to life like you've never experienced before; this book application is truly enhanced by the iPad technology in a cool educational and interactive way. The story can be read alone or … [Read more...]

The Classic Rumpelstiltskin Story in 3D, 360 Degree Viewing, and Interactions!

The classic Grimm Brothers fairytale Rumpelstiltskin comes to the iPad in a technology driven version featuring awesome 3D graphics, 360 degree viewing of each page, with item and character interactions throughout the book in Rumpelstiltskin HD - A 3D Children's Interactive … [Read more...]

Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island, Gold-Hunting Adventure Interactive iPad Book (Video)

Treasure Kai is a young kid with an active imagination and a penchant for exploring to find lost treasure, interesting items, and whatnot. Treasure Kai and The Lost Gold of Shark Island, follows Treasure Kai on one such adventure through this fun, interactive … [Read more...]