Help Sleepy Mole Find A Home…iPad Kids’ Book with 100’s of Endings!

Sleepy Mole was minding his own business snoozing away when he was rudely awakened by construction workers, who more or less evicted him from his home. What is a mole to do? This children's iPad book, by Ginger Whale Interactive Stories, features a playful story about Sleepy … [Read more...]

Little Lilly’s Touch Book…An iPad Book For All Kids (Video)

Little Lilly's Touch Book is a story about Lilly, a young girl, who has a specific aversion to touch. This iPad application is presented by award winning developers, Extra Special Kids, LLC.. Little Lilly is an outgoing girl who likes to do all sorts of activities, … [Read more...]

My Father’s Clothes, An Interactive Kids’ iOS Storybook!

My Father's Clothes, by LaLafish Inc., is a whimsical story of a fish who wears clothes, making her different than the other fish. This story also features amusing interaction-opportunities on every page. I liked the music at the beginning of the story because it was playful … [Read more...]

The Girl In The Space Ship…Quirky and Cool Interactive Kids App!

The Girl in the Spaceship - Interactive eBook, by Rebekah Morris, is a whimsical, quirky, unique, and memorable story for kids. This iOS universal application is filled with simple interaction-opportunities for kids from beginning to end. This iOS book is made for young … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Monster and Story with The Greebley Greebly iPad App

Creatively speaking, the new iPad book app The Greebley Greebley is one of the most innovative iPad book applications I have seen-to-date. As I've mentioned many times before, people like to personalize things -- and apps are no different. The Greebley Greebley book app … [Read more...]

Will You Clean A Crocodile’s Teeth? Open Wide Snap – Kids Book for iPad

Crocodiles typically represent beastly, scary creatures with lots of teeth to eat you with. The question is: "Would you trust a crocodile smile?" Open Wide Snap by Kid-estorybooks is a great children's iPad book that features a crocodile who has a bit of a dirty teeth … [Read more...]

Hide Run Growl iPad Book App for Kids’…Brilliant!

Hide Run Growl by Kid-estorybooks is a brilliant, interactive kid's book. This iPad book application features a story about a tiger cub who learns about the world around him. Curious by nature, the little cub meets all sorts of neighboring animals in his habitat. Kids' can … [Read more...]

Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! – Awesome Dr Seuss iPad App! (Video)

Growing up as a kid Dr. Seuss books like There's A Wocket In My Pocket were a staple for my reading adventures. Now you can have all those "Theres A Wocket in My Pocket" adventures on your iPad. Watch The Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! - Dr Seuss iPad … [Read more...]