Math Evolve, Great Math App with Immersive Learning Method (Video)

Math Evolve is a fantastic arcade-style math app created by an elementary school teacher to help 6-8 year olds learn basic math skills in a fun and engaging way! Watch The Math Evolve App Video Now!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Math Evolve iPad Video YouTube Link … [Read more...]

Clever Bible Verse App To Learn Psalms and Proverbs

You'll discover a totally unique and engaging way to read, learn and test your knowledge of hymns, poetic verses, prayers, and words of wisdom in the Bible Contraption Bible verse app. This iOS Universal Education app features all 150 Psalms and 31 Proverbs. But the most … [Read more...]

Fabulous iPad Storybook About the Terrifying Building in Eyeville

The Terrifying Building in Eyeville is a wonderfully clever iPhone and iPad storybook app written by Joel Grøndrup, after cancer "visited" his world one day. At the age of 1, his young daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of retinal eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. … [Read more...]

Top-Rated Ear Training App Will Fine Tune Your Musical Skill

Whether you're new to the music world or an old pro, ear training is a very important skill every musician will want to master. And the goodEar Intervals - Ear Training app is the perfect Music app to help you become a better listener and performer. This iPhone and iPad ear … [Read more...]

Talking Shapes Is A Groundbreaking iPad Education Alphabet App (Video)

Talking Shapes is a groundbreaking children’s Education alphabet app that helps kids learn to read and write in an engaging format! This alphabet learning app revolves around a storyline featuring 2 sisters who invent the alphabet (Nat and Pat),and 3 interactive books that … [Read more...]

Fun Learn and Play Daniel Tiger Game Teaches Kids’ Routines (Video)

Young kids will love learning morning and nighttime routines with Daniel Tiger in the Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night app by PBS Kids. This iOS Universal Education Games app is based on the hit TV series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and stars Daniel Tiger. With a little … [Read more...]

A Public Speaking App That Will Make You A Better Speaker!

If you want to learn how to become a better public speaker, then the "A better speaker" public speaking app is the way to go. A better speaker is an iOS Education app, by APPS2GO, that will definitely help you improve the way you speak. This public speaking and trainer app … [Read more...]

Want One of The Best Educational Apps for iPad? Get Animals 360 Gold!

Animals 360 Gold brings the animal kingdom to life with one of the best educational apps for iPad and iPhone. This iOS Universal learning app features 600 high quality photos of 100+ real life animals, informative cards, quizzes, tours and animal puzzles to give your child a … [Read more...]

Math Ninja Game That’ll Get Kids Excited About Math

Ice Math Ninja 2 is a cool math ninja game that even the most reluctant young math student will warm up to. This award-winning iPhone and iPad Education app presents basic early-math-learning skills through fun sword-slicing arcade gameplay that'll take your child to the … [Read more...]

OMG! A Fresh New Shorthand Symbols And Abbreviations Game

They're an important part of our lives and we use 1000s of them every day. They make our communications faster and easier, and they'd be pretty hard to live without. So what are they? "They" are abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand symbols (AASs)! Think Apple, UFOs, DSW, … [Read more...]