GazziliWords…Kids Interactive Word Learning Fun!

We all know how puzzling and frustrating it can be to adequately define an abstract word to a child -- in a way that he or she will really “get it.” Thanks to GazziliWords, by GazziliWorld (try saying that 5 times really fast), this task just became super simple because of … [Read more...]

iPad Children’s Christmas Activity Book Like Those of Yesteryear!

Santa's Christmas Activity Book, by BBP Creations, is an iPad version of the classic Christmas activity books of yesteryear. This iPad education app melds the "fun" with "learning" to create an interesting and engaging Christmas activity experience for children ages 3 and up … [Read more...]

Award-Winning iPad Education App Makes Learning Enjoyable!

Simplex Spelling HD, by Pyxwise Software Inc., is an award-winning iOS universal education app that makes the process of learning spelling super simple, and at the same time improves your child's reading skills. This application was thoughtfully developed with children in … [Read more...]

Own The Stars with Star Walk for iPad – Interactive Astronomy Guide

Updated 10/31/11 - FREE App promo codes for the iPhone (1) and iPad versions of the Star Walk application are included below the written blog post. First come,first serve. Happy Halloween! Star Walk for iPad - Interactive Astronomy Guide App Summary As far as astronomy … [Read more...]

Mind Blowing Color Illusions – Color Uncovered!

You probably don't think too much about color or why color is the way it is -- because I know I don't. Maybe you photographer or artists types consider color more than most average people do? For those of us who have not taken the time to stop and smell the roses (in terms … [Read more...]

Learn Math with a Monkey…Fraction Monkey – Math Game for Kids

What do a monkey, cupcakes and math have in common? Not sure, but it does make learning fractions more interesting with the iPad app Fraction Monkey - Math Game For Kids. This app, developed by Math Game Time is an iOS universal application that has 40 levels of fraction … [Read more...]

3 Fun Kids Apps iPad and iPhone Apps

Oh, to be a kid today and be able to play with the kids apps on my parents' iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Back in my day, it was crappy text books, a walkman, and not much fun and games. 123 Kids Fun Games HD by RosMedia helps kids with basic learning skills, like learning the … [Read more...]

Simple Yet Powerful Kids’ Abc 123 iPad Education App

Most of us take for granted knowing our ABC's and 123's, or knowing how to read/write and count. Janes ABCs 123s by Jane Works Co. is a simply designed iPhone/iPad children's education app that focuses on fundamental, yet important learning disciplines. Kids can learn the … [Read more...]

Splash Math 3rd Grade Summer Math Workbook HD iPad Education App Video

Learning 3rd grade math has never been so easy and fun than with Splash Math 3rd Grade Summer Math Workbook HD by StudyPad Inc. This iPad education application is super easy to learn how to use, but much harder to master (at least for 3rd graders). The math learning content … [Read more...]

Momotaro UNICEF iPad App Helps Japanese Disaster Relief

TouchyBooks in conjunction with UNICEF has developed a nice interactive iPad book called Momotaro UNICEF to help raise money for Japanese disaster relief. The book is simplistic in navigation with 20 pages of interactive story pages that children can explore for unexpected … [Read more...]