Free Slots App – Kitty Cat Slots, iOS Simulated Vegas Style Slots Game (Video)

Try your luck with this free slots app. Kitty Cat Slots is a simulation game that lets you play real Las Vegas style slots on your iPhone or iPad! This free slots game features 7 different betting machines, extra mini games, a double or nothing feature, and plenty of … [Read more...]

Free Word Game App, Wordistic – Unique Arcade Word Game! (Video)

Wordistic is a fast-paced word game app featuring intense letter-dropping and word-making arcade gameplay. If you are looking for an interesting spin on word games, Wordistic should be right up your alley. This free word game by mushDevstudio features 3 levels of … [Read more...]

Hangman App, Classic Doodle-Style Hangman Game for iPhone and iPad, Free

Although the exact time and history behind the classic hangman game remains a bit of a mystery, the arrival of this new Hangman app is not. "Hangman - to hang or not to hang - that is the question" is a free iPhone and iPad Games app by Andrii Tkach, and is a recent addition … [Read more...]

Fairway Solitaire HD, The Best Mobile Solitaire Game, WalkThrough (Video)

Fairway Solitaire HD is a golf themed solitaire game that is anything but boring. This mobile solitaire game is jam-packed with 100s of unique game boards, mini games, bonus clubs to find, funny sarcastic announcers and a wickedly pesky gopher that might drive you … [Read more...]

St Patrick’s Day Word Search Game – Learn Irish Words With WordSeek St. Patrick, Free App

St. Patty’s Day is the perfect time to break out the St Patrick’s Day word search puzzles for some Irish themed fun on your iPad. With the WordSeek St. Patrick app, by HG Apps Store Ltd., you can challenge yourself to find authentic Irish words, Irish names, Irish towns, and … [Read more...]

Free Bowling Game, Bowl With Me – Challenging iOS Arcade Bowler!

Bowl With Me is a seriously challenging bowling game for the iPhone and iPad. This free mobile game can be played alone, online head-to-head or 2-on-2 online team play. If you're looking for a challenging bowling game that will test your skills, then you need look no further … [Read more...]

Dead Trigger 2, Updated Into A Fantastic Mobile Zombie Shooter Game!

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Dr Seuss Game, Play A Fun Seuss Instrument With The Dr Seuss Band App! (Video)

Dr Seuss Band is a fun and imaginative Dr Seuss musical game that will capture your child's attention for hours on the iPhone and iPad. One of my favorite days of the year is March 02nd, which is Dr Seuss's birthday. I guess it's because it brings back great memories from my … [Read more...]

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack – Fun LEGO Shooter Game, Free App!

Shoot your way through Makuhero City with Furno, Bulk, Breez, or Rocka as your sidekick in the LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack app! Any LEGO fan will appreciate this free iPad LEGO shooter game with its own unique theme. So what is the backstory? LEGO Hero Factory has a … [Read more...]

Like Flappy Bird Game, But Better – The Little Penguin That Could

If you are looking for a great alternative to replace the Flappy Bird Game, then you will want to give The Little Penguin That Could a try. This Flappy-style game is a free iOS Universal Games app that's similar to the now extinct Flappy Bird game - but better. The … [Read more...]