Hills of Glory WWII Premium HD iPad Game (Video)

Hills of Glory WWII Premium HD by BULKYPIX is a nice iPad TD game that requires players to "hold that hill!" The game objective is just that, hold the hill, bunker what have you while being attacked by an ever increasing and unrelenting enemy. Watch the Hills of Glory … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico HD, Classic Strategy Board Game now on the iPad

I had never heard of the board game Puerto Rico, until it came out on the iPad a few weeks ago as Puerto Rico HD. Watch the Puerto Rico HD app video now! http://youtu.be/a3T1CIoMN8c This app is the iOS version of the hit board game that has a following of some … [Read more...]

Retro Feel, Colorful, Different-Hummingz EVO HD for the iPad

Hummingz EVO HD apparently has some inspirational game design from the classic 80's arcade classic, Centipede. But, Hummingz EVO HD has several twists that make this new iPad game title stand out from the classic Centipede game play. Hummingz EVO HD has power-ups and points … [Read more...]

Sneak Fuzzy Teddy Bears Across the Border-Snuggle Truck HD iPad App

Snuggle Truck HD by Owlchemy Labs was originally called Smuggle Truck HD and had a different yet similar game objective as Snuggle Truck HD. The original Owlchemy Labs game objective was to sneak illegal aliens across the border. Apple would not approve the original title, … [Read more...]