Aromatherapy Essential Oils App With 100+ Essential Oil Recipes!

Aromatherapy essential oils are one of the latest ways to naturally relieve stress, pain and other common ailments. But these healing plant oils go way back. All throughout history plants and their essential oils have been used to improve the physical, mental and emotional … [Read more...]

Best Free Calorie and Weight Tracker App, Lose It! to Lose Weight Now

If you've packed on a few unwanted pounds over this past year, or holiday season, you'll definitely want this free calorie and weight tracker app. Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter is one of the best free weight loss apps in the iTunes App Store. This top … [Read more...]

myBaby3D, One Of The Best Pregnancy Apps for iPad (Video)

If you're pregnant and want one of the best pregnancy apps on your iPad to see how your baby grows during your 40 weeks of pregnancy, try the myBaby3D HD Health & Fitness app. myBaby3d iPad Video!SUBSCRIBE!   Pregnancy App myBaby3d iPad App Video … [Read more...]

7 Minute Workout App – Mini Exercises with Big Results, Get Fit iOS App!

It's hard to find an excuse not to exercise each day when it only takes 7 minutes a session. The 7 Minute Workout app makes it easy to get into an exercise routine when you have video, text, and voice prompts to lead you through the 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises … [Read more...]

Medical App iTriage – Find Out What’s Wrong with You!

Medical app iTriage (by Healthagen LLC) will give you some peace of mind. Especially, when it comes to finding potential answers to your family's health concerns for symptoms, causes, conditions, for sicknesses or disease. This iOS Universal medical app was created by 2 … [Read more...]

Yoga App Takes Yoga Out of the Studio with Deepak Chopra (video)

Updated 01/02/13 - This instructional (video) yoga app has been updated numerous times since the original blog post and yoga app video. The new update features include (by update): Authentic Yoga 1.6 improved problems with routines running 'too fast', Authentic Yoga 1.5 New … [Read more...]

This Pregnancy App Lets You Watch Your Baby Grow, myBaby3d for iPad

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and uncertainty for many first-time mothers-to-be. I remember feeling thrilled about the news, but also scared about all the unknown changes that would be happening in my own body and that of my constantly growing baby. Thanks to the … [Read more...]