Crap You Can’t Forget – Notes On Toilet Paper!

We all think about "crap we can't forget," but who would have ever thunk that there would be an iPad Productivity app actually called Crap You Can't Forget? Fortunately for us, there is and it's a feature-rich note taking app that provides a ton of useful functionality — as … [Read more...]

1a Easy Writer – Simply Useful iPad Text Editor

1a Easy Writer (by Infovole) is a clean and straightforward text editor for your iPad, and includes some nice extra functionality for your mobile word processing needs. If you use your iPad for blogging or any other type of writing, then you'll probably find this app to be … [Read more...]

Insanely Productive Sticky-Note-Functionality on Your iPad

abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application (by the ALSEDI Group) lets you turn your iPad into a super-powered virtual bulletin board featuring 88 backgrounds, 45 note skins, 27 badges and 115 icons, and believe it or not -- more. All the numbers in the first … [Read more...]

iPrizeWheel HD – Great Customizable iPad Party Event Tool!

iPrizeWheel HD (by NRT Media, Inc.) lets you take the prize/game wheel fun with you to your next event with its fully customizable productivity game application, and conveniently on your iPad! Most people know the Wheel of Fortune television gameshow with Vanna and Pat. Now, … [Read more...]

Quick, Easy Form-Maker App for the iPad….iMake:Form

iMake:Form (by hazel pixel [love the developer name]) is a super simple and easy-to-use application that lets you create and publish your own forms in less than 5 minutes. This iPad app is really cool and simple to use, allowing for easy data collection utilizing your iPad. … [Read more...]

Turn Your iPad Into A Flash Drive and Awesome File Manager!

You can now use the OrganiDoc HD (iPad app) to turn your iPad into a mobile flash drive and never fumble around with another USB flash drive again. And even better, Tab flash disk on the go - OrganiDoc HD (by Wenjoy Technology Inc.) is more than just a mobile flash drive, it … [Read more...]

Batman Wishes He Had This Productivity App On His Utility Belt!

When I look at this app's title, I can't get the word "lust" out of my head. I know -- flawed. But, just maybe the developers of Wunderlist (6 Wunderkinder), named it this for a reason. Why, because you will be lusting for this productivity app after using it. There are a … [Read more...]

iStudiez Pro – Organize School Schedules On The Go!

As most people have gone back to school by now, it can be easy to get stressed out and become unorganized. iStudiez Pro for the iPhone and iPod touch (and iPad, as it’s universal) can really help you get organized and stay on top of your school assignments, classes, and … [Read more...]

360 Web Browser Excellent for iPad (Video )

360 Web Browser App Video Summary The 360 Web Browser universal (iPhone/iPad) app has gotten an update. This applications newest features are 1) optimization for the iPad 2) ambient awareness in media player and 3) DropBox Support. This browser application was already a … [Read more...]

360 Web Browser Feature, Rich iPhone and iPad Web Browser (Video)

The 360 Web Browser app is a much more feature rich web browsing experience than the native iOS Safari browser app. This web browser app has several robust features that'll make navigating the web much more enjoyable on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Watch The 360 … [Read more...]