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iPadellino- iPhone and iPad Chef Agility Game!

Grab ahold of your pan (iPhone or iPad) and catch fried eggs as they fall from the sky in this iOS Universal game, iPadellino (by Bblab) in order to become the best chef in the world. You’ll play through 7 international levels (with increasing difficulty) as you try to unlock 4 frying pans to increase your chef skills. If you’re looking for a fun game or just want to increase your eye-hand coordination skills, this iPhone and iPad game may be the one for you. iPadellino is a simple, somewhat retro-feeling game that challenges you to catch the dropping fried eggs in your pan to score points. You start your chef career in Egypt, and depending on how well you do you can move to increasingly difficult international chef locations where the points increase to unlock the next location.

I was a little cocky when I started out in Egypt, but after 4 to 6 turns I figured out this game is not so easy — but my competitive nature kept me playing. To begin, the fried egg starts to drop and a small shadow appears in the catching area where you move your frying pan around using the iPhone or iPad accelerometer to successfully catch the egg. The shadows at times are easy to see and get bigger the closer the egg gets to landing, but depending on your chef venue it may be harder at times to see the falling eggs, which makes for tricky egg catching. The points don’t come easy and the real trick to advancing is by getting combos (catching 3 consecutive eggs or more) and getting ultra combos (catching 9 eggs or more). Your points significantly increase by achieving combos, and to give yourself an added advantage catch the clock for extra time. A subtle, yet important tool for a chef is his or her pan, there are 4 to earn in this game, each new pan makes moving and catching eggs that much easier. A nice feature by the developer is that there are no in app purchases to buy pans, you must earn them by earning points.

iPadellino iPhone video app reviewiPadellino iPhone video app review

iPadellino may only have 7 levels, but they are not easy and each level has a percentage completion rate, which actually really expands the gameplay for this iPad and iPhone application. I found the game very challenging at first, but when I took some time in the training area I figured out quickly how to get ultra combos. Missing eggs will get depressing and you will find that once you miss one egg your game may go downhill, unless you think of Gordon Ramsey yelling at you to “re-inspire” you — that could work. iPadellino has an alien chef or space chef challenge, but you must obtain 80% in each of the 7 locations to unlock this bonus game level. If you are on the fence about whether or not to buy this fun and challenging, culinary game app, download iPadellino Lite and test drive this iPhone game before you buy. Be sure to watch the iPadellino iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

iPadellino iPhone App Details

Title: iPadellino
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 24.0 MB
Developer: federico bruni
Store: iTunes App Store

iPadellino iPhone App Download Link

iPadellino - federico bruni

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iPadellino iPhone Developers App Description

iOS Universal

i-padellino is here!
The most exciting, straightforward, engaging game of the moment!
… but do be careful, it’s addictive!

Have fun challenging the best chefs in the world to see who catches the most eggs! Unlock frying pans ever more quickly until you can get the legendary “laser padellino”!

Defeat all the other contestants and challenge the alien chef in his spaceship, only this way you will become the great master of padellino!

i-padellino: let the fun begin!

-Simple and intuitive gameplay
- Colorful graphics 
- 7 levels of fun
- 4 different pans with unique features and attractive design
– bonus, super eggs and amazing combo are waiting for you!
- Sensational sound effects !

iOS 4 or later.

Developer : Federico Bruni
Graphic creative designer : Tommaso Balladore

Sound effects by Filippo Morini

*Disclosure* The developer federico bruni/Bblab and the iPhone app “iPadellino” are paid advertisers on

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