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iPhone Advent Calendar App With Special Cards That You Can Share

Part of the holiday excitement is the Christmas count down, which is why iPhone Advent calendar apps are so popular, especially with families and the young at heart. Kids of all ages will enjoy The Christmas Card Advent Calendar app (by The Story Mouse) since it comes with 24 days of special storybook character cards that you and your kids can add a custom message to, and then share with your family and friends.

iPhone Advent Calendar App


The Christmas Cards Advent Calendar app, is an interesting and clever iPhone Advent calendar that differs from most. This free iOS Universal Education app not only features a quality and ad-free application with 24 days of special cards for kids to open, but they can also write their own messages to share with others. The developer has also ingeniously used this Christmas app to introduce their collection of storybook apps based on classic fairy tales and best stories from favorite authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and more.

This iPhone advent calendar app has an amazingly pleasant and easy-to-use user interface. The only disappointment in this application is that there isn’t any music or sounds. But regardless, the rest of the app is top notch as you will see when you move on to unlock the storybook cards. Initially, all the cards are sealed and hidden inside individual green envelopes. Each of the 24 envelopes are locked and take their place in the numbered line up. Cards can only be opened 1 per day by default, but you can use a link in the “information” area to unlock them all for a short period of time if you just can’t wait to see what’s inside. But what’s the fun in that?

And when you do open an envelope, the animation is magical as twinkling lights dance about the page as your card slides out of the envelope to reveal your special storybook characters card. Each card has character illustrations from the books in The Story Mouse book collection. Not all the books in the collection are winter or Christmas themed, however, all characters are displayed on a snowflake background, keeping the cards festive. Day 1 features colorful and classically inspired elves from The Elves & the Shoemaker book.

Christmas iPhone Advent Calendar App Review for iPhone


Now that your storybook character card is revealed, you can choose to “Send Card” or learn “About this Story.” Simply tap on your choice to initiate an action. You’ll discover that on the flip side of the card there is a summary to learn more about each featured read-along book, which will also take you to the iTunes App Store where you can learn more and download if you like.

But if you just can’t wait to send a greeting card, simply double tap a card and type your message, which will appear in an elegant and nostalgic font type. Afterwards, you can email your greeting to your friends and family. I sent a card to myself to test out the functionality and was happy to have it quickly arrive in our email box with the card and greeting visible right upon opening the email. Also, the developer states that iOS 6 users get the extra benefit of being able to post on Twitter and Facebook. Having an iOS 7, I didn’t appear to have the same functionality. However, everybody else does have the same convenience of printing out cards in addition to emailing cards.

So as you and your family merrily count down the days until Christmas this year, why not share some of the Christmas cheer with your friends and family and pass on the classically-inspired storybook characters greeting cards used in this iPhone advent calendar app?

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