Poop The World iPhone App, Leave Your Mark (Video)

Well, since going #2 is one of the most common human functions next to breathing, it was just a matter of time before there was an app like Poop The World. SWS Digital, Inc brings us the Poop The World app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app uses the GPS to pinpoint your poops (gross). Who wants their poop locations publicized? Men, boys, males, guy’s, macho men, dudes, etc., thats who.

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Most members of the male species have DNA that makes this app appeal to us (ladies, I know you don’t understand, neither do I). With this app you can generate over 400 poop combinations (smell and type), which you can also GPS pinpoint to show where you made it (disgusting). Another nasty feature of this app is the ability to email your poop. I missed my wife so much while away on a business trip, I emailed her a poop (I love you honey). This app is a good way to release a little stress and to let that inner little boy creep out. This app costs $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.


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