Craigly – Craigslist+Multi-Location Search iPhone App

Craigslist is a very popular classified listing system where you can find just about anything for sale and I mean anything. Craigly – Craigslist+Multi-Location Search+Post iPhone app by John Tucker is a very nice Craigslist search app. The app has a bunch of functionality all designed to search Craigslist and or to post to Craigslist. A couple of extra added features are the listen to music capability and the Tweet from the app capability (very sheik). You can also use this app in landscape mode for wide viewing. These are some of the unique features you do not normally find in a Craigslist search app, but these features are not the meat of the app. Some of the more important basic features are:



-post with images
-all Craigslist search options, locations, and categories supported
-search multiple locations
-Offline mode
-Map search locations
-Full pictures, detailed descriptions
-and much more

This app was released back in the summer of 2009, but has received a very nice update in early January that has improved this apps functionality. The Craigly – Craigslist+Multi-Location Search+Post iPhone app costs $0.99 and receives 4 CrazyMike’s heads for being a full blown Craigslist iPhone search app.

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Download The Craigly – Craigslist+Multi-Location Search iPhone App Now

Sorry the Craigly iPhone app is not currently available in the iTunes App Store.


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