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Yelp, Food Reviews by You and Me!

Yelp is the sound my dog makes when I accidentally step on him. Well, there is an app for that, well not exactly.

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There is an app called Yelp, which is a location based search app for restaurants, entertainment, stores, coffee houses, etc. Because this app is location based you can use it close to home or in places not so familiar. What makes this app different from the other location based apps are the reviews provided for the business searched.

The reviews are completed by registered Yelp members, which means reviews are by regular people, for the most part. This could be good and this could be bad, I mostly saw it as a good thing. You know what they say, be careful not to let the inmates run the asylum. However, I didn’t see any inmates while using this app, meaning most reviews are legitimate.

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Overall, this app worked very well and I found several reviews for my little poe dunk area. One for Pancho Villa’s Mexican restaurant, a local favorite and one for the Waffle House, nobody’s favorite. I was surprised to see that this idea has caught on, even in my little area of the world.

But, who else is better to rate businesses than the people who use them. There are several other features in this app like Feed Me, join Yelp, etc, which are self explanatory.

Yelp and this app are a platform to keep your eye on.

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