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iPhone Game, Rocket Warrior – Difficult Yet Rewarding Fun

The Rocket Warrior iPhone game is a tilt-to-survive (rocket) game that propels your “Rocket Warrior” at an insane speed while forcing you to dodge, shoot, and do your best to stay alive throughout the 48 challenging levels. Rocket Warrior came out about a week ago today and I grabbed it because this iPhone game looked like a simple and fun shoot ’em up flying game. I was wrong in one aspect — this game is not simple. Developer Eleftherios Christodoulatos created a nice iPhone game by designing the difficulty into the game itself, meaning the game starts out at the “hard” difficulty setting, at least that is my take. The gameplay is simple: your Rocket Warrior flies up at a fast consistent speed through a maze-like puzzle filled with all sorts of obstacles. The obstacles may be moving, shooting and/or just be in your way.



The challenge to this iPhone game is to get all 3 “Coin Stars” for each level. Why? The coins open up the additional 2 game packs for a total of 48 tough levels of gameplay. A nice touch by the developer is that there are no in app purchases (IAP) to get power-ups, armor or rockets.

I found Rocket Warrior a blast to play, delivering a good amount of enjoyment throughout this tough puzzle action game.

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