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iPhone Gift App – Sesame Makes Gift Giving Easy Every Time

What to buy? What to Buy? That is often the dilemma we all face when deciding what gifts are appropriate to give to the people in our lives — and for what occasions. Thankfully, it just got a little easier with the new iPhone gift app called Sesame – Mail Themed Gift Sets In A Beautiful Box (by Sincerely). This free Catalogs app practically makes the gift-giving decision for you by categorizing hand-picked themed gift sets by occasions and people type (bachelorette, boss, girlfriend, cool neighbors, etc.). Sesame also gives you the convenience of ordering your gifts right from your iPhone, creating personalized gift cards to go along with the gift — and they deliver it for you across the United States in a stylish gift box that’s sure to impress the person on the receiving end.



This iPhone gift app is a niche gift giving network of sorts where the specialty gift collections are curated by experts and others in the Sincerely community. Currently, there is a limited selection of gift ideas with 14 specialty gift ideas shown: Mission Accomplished, Wake-Up Call, Cocktail Hour, Game Night, Snack Attack, Baby Playdate, Bedtime Ritual, Ultimate Unwind, Afternoon Tea, Baby Steps, Puppy Picks, Snow Day!, Arms Race, and Big Primpin’. In these various categories you’ll find specialty gift packages for items like coffee, an outdoor mini survival kit, cocktail shaker and recipe book, candy and games, books and stuffed animals, Nerf guns — and more. It may be a bit sparse right now, but according to this iPhone gift app, new gifts will be added each month.



Sesame takes the uncertainty out of trying to figure out what’s an appropriate gift for what occasions by providing helpful suggestions for people and events like: host/hostess, housewarming, birthdays, road trips, lazy days, student study sessions, workaholics, newborns, dogs, and more. Since these gift ideas are curated by people with experience to recommend these items, it’s like asking a trusted friend for some practical input. These expert people are bloggers, product producers, connoisseurs, and regular people with experience.

The price tag for these gift choices fall into 2 categories right now: either $29 or $49, so it’s reasonable on the wallet, especially when you think of all the usual gift baskets that cost you an arm and leg to send. Every gift comes with a personalized greeting card, a gift enjoyment guide, and according to this iPhone gift app “Sesame gifts are hand prepared in a beautiful box designed inside & out, wrapped in white tissue paper, nestled in craft crinkle, and each item is individually labeled to the theme of the gift set.”



This iPhone gift app has an appealing and easy-to-use user interface that comes with quality gift images and background information that is interesting to read. You can also take a simple tour to help you get started and find out important information in the Settings regarding their Return Policy and FAQ. I also noticed a place for discount code functionality, but it’s not clear where you get the discount codes from — maybe a quick search on the Web will yield some money-saving codes. You can favorite items by logging into Facebook or your email address. Apparently Big Primpin’ (nail polish/emery board/ Blissful Brownie and chocolate bar) is the number #1 favorite at the moment — with a lot of other food goodies close behind. By signing in with Facebook you’ll get the additional benefit of “remembering” birthdays and your Facebook friends’ addresses are automatically added to your address book.



After purchasing your gift collection, you’ll get 2 confirmations: one when order is placed and the other when the gift is shipped. This iPhone gift app (Sesame) ships anywhere is United States — for $7.95 your gift should be received in 5-7 days for Standard Mail and $22.95 for 2 Business Days. There are no Saturday deliveries and obviously no Sunday. They only charge sales tax on shipments to California, but you better hope your gift receiver loves the gift the get because Sesame only provides returns on “defective” items within 30 days of purchase and paid to original purchaser. One interesting feature for those who have the Sesame app downloaded is the “Scan A Stamp.” If you have this app and receive a gift from someone, you’re supposed to be able to thank the sender by using this feature to “hold the scanner over the stamp inside your card” to send your gratitude.

Although I’m a little dissapointed by the limited selection in this Free iPhone gift app, I do think Sesame’s themed gift-giving network concept is a great idea that provides thoughtful gifts and saves precious time — which will be greatly appreciated by the clueless gift givers and those who are short on time. I look forward to seeing what else will be added soon.

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