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iPhone Girls’ App: Birds and Bees Connection – Girl Talk

The Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1, iPhone girls’ app, reminds me of the awkward, beginning stages of puberty my girls went through several years back. If you’re a mother (or father), you know what I’m talking about — mood swings, body odor, acne, new growth, new hair growth — just a whole lot of “new” everything. To make this adolescent transition a little easier, this Education app (by Leslie Dixon) presents all these topics in a colorful, simple and engaging iPhone app that should draw your Tween daughter in. In addition to the catchy music, colorful cartoon graphics and silly animations, girls will find useful and relatable information, making it easier for the two of you to discuss these life changes together — and the humorous content is a great icebreaker to lead into these potentially awkward topics.



This iPhone girls’ app was created by a school nurse, for girls between the ages of 8-10, as a communication tool between mother and daughter. Kids know all about communication, at least when it comes to their iPods, iPhones and iPads, so what better platform to introduce it on than this? Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1 is easy to navigate, has simple and fun graphics and animation, and stylistically, it makes me think of the popular Lizzy McGuire Disney show my girls loved to watch when they were Tweens.

The Birds & Bees app has 7 topics of discussion that are accessed from the Home screen: Getting Taller, Breasts, Sweat & Body Odor, Hair, Acne, Puberty, and Emotional Changes. When you tap on the topic of discussion, you’ll be taken to another screen where you’ll see the main character in different situations relating to the selected topic. Each scene in this iPhone girls’ app comes with funny animated elements (moving eyes, green odor vapor streaming from the armpits, and more).



Along with the topic of discussion, animation/graphic, you’ll find a narrated question and response answer to the question explaining the “why” — as well as other helpful “what to expect” tidbits of info in this iPhone girls’ app. At times a question will be posed directly at you, Mom  — “Mom, what do you use to shave your legs and underarms?  Shaving cream, body wash, soap..?”  These clever conversation starters open up an avenue for discussion, obviously helping mother and daughter find common ground from Mom’s past experiences in these areas  — making for a more comfortable and natural conversation.

This iPhone girls’ app is pretty tame from a ratings perspective  —  think PG.  It’s colorful, fun, cute, silly, amusing and many things young girls will find entertaining.  The information/advice is short, simple, practical, to the point  —  and totally relatable to this age group. One more thing that would really make this app “zing” would be the inclusion of some wonky and zany sounds to go along with the humorous graphics and animations. I was also disappointed in the depth of content in this iPhone girls’ app, which made it is seem sparse for the $0.99 purchase price. It should either provide more information for each topic or include more topics for the $0.99. The developer indicates that there is a Part 2 and Part 3 to this series, as well as a 3-part boy version of the series. So if you’re looking for an easy way to initiate these awkward topics, this is probably a good place to start.

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