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Happy Sheep, Multitasking Madness, iPhone Puzzle Game

This iPhone puzzle game, Happy Sheep, requires both hands and possibly your feet to win while playing this multi-tasking action puzzle game (with large level gameplay). There are also 30 achievements and some really cool yarn-inspired game art. You typically don’t find too many iPhone puzzle games that include the realistic and amazing-looking yarn artwork that can be seen throughout this whacky casual game. Your objective in this game is to get the correct colored sheep from the top of the game board via conveyor belts (tap to change direction) to the like-colored moveable yarn cups at the bottom of the screen. It sounds simple enough but developer Ivan Vasilyev has done a great job of creating a different and rather challenging iPhone puzzle game.

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You will have to be quick from the start, but the early levels aren’t that difficult. A subtle extra to this iPhone puzzle game is that in each level you actually knit (yes, knit) a piece of clothing — 1 line at a time when you get a sheep to its yarn cup safely. However, as things pick-up, including the conveyor belt speed, you will also have to deal with bombs, moles, wolves and more difficult puzzle schemes. But do not fear, you get a certain number of hearts and mistakes each level, which can be earned back.



I am a fairly good iPhone puzzle game player, but this game had me stuck on the same level for 5 to 6 tries before I successfully completed it. Happy Sheep is a unique and creatively fun iPhone puzzle game that is a challenge for even the best gamer, but not too difficult for the regular casual gamer to enjoy playing.



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