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Table Top Racing, Fresh, Intense iPhone Racing Game

The iPhone racing game called Table Top Racing features 8 curvy tabletop race tracks, 10 upgradeable cars, online multiplayer racing, and a load of fun! Table Top Racing is one of the best iPhone racing games and iPad racing games featuring fresh unique race tracks, intense racing, and lots of different race modes.

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Once you dive into the racing (single player) you have 3 choices: Championships, Special Events, and Quick Race. All 3 are good fun and serve their own purpose. Championships is level raceplay where you work your way through a variety of different race types: pursuit, combat, timed, and others. Special Events are level specific and designed to help you earn some coins to upgrade your ride or buy a new one. Quick Race does not need any explanation. You just jump right into a race.



There is also multiplayer racing, either local or through Game Center Match with up to 4 friends or random opponents. I connected about 4 times to multiplayer random opponents but never got more than 1 other person to race against, but it was still a blast. There is a Garage, of course, where you can get upgrades as they become available, other cars, and purchase coins if you want to speed up your chances to win in this iPhone racing game.




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